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Journalist: Manchester United’s Ownership Drama Deepens

Manchester United: The Glazers, Ten Hag, and the Premier League Spotlight

The Glazers’ Influence

Manchester United, one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, have been under the microscope for various reasons. The Glazers’ ownership has been a contentious issue for many fans, with concerns about their influence on the club’s direction and their commitment to its success.

Mark Goldbridge, of The United Stand, a prominent voice in the Manchester United community, highlighted the challenges faced by the club. He said, “…previous managers have all bought in who they wanted to bring in transfers… Manchester United have again allowed the manager to influence the signings and that is my concern with the club.”

Ten Hag’s Approach

Eric Ten Hag, the current manager, has faced criticism for his transfer decisions. However, Goldbridge defended him, stating, “I don’t actually have a problem with Eric Ten Hag being able to buy his own players.” He emphasised the importance of a manager having the freedom to shape his team according to his vision.

However, there’s a sentiment that Ten Hag might have overestimated his squad. As he pointed out, “Eric Ten Hag probably overestimated his squad and wants to change things too soon after season one.”

Premier League Pressure

The Premier League is a high-pressure environment, and Manchester United are always under scrutiny. Goldbridge lamented the excessive attention the club receives, saying, “No other club has strangers sticking their nose up our ass than Man United.” He criticized pundits who frequently comment on Manchester United without having a deep connection or understanding of the club.

The Need for Unity

Goldbridge emphasized the importance of unity and support for the manager. He said, “We need to see more from the Manchester United journalists and the X-Men United players… they need to be more steadfast in their support for this manager.” He believes that the club’s success hinges on everyone rallying behind Ten Hag, especially during challenging times.

The Players’ Role

There’s a belief that some players might not be up to the mark. Goldbridge questioned the quality of certain players, suggesting that they might be “out of their depth.” He stressed the importance of players backing their manager and putting the club’s interests first.


Manchester United are at a crossroads. With the Glazers’ ownership, Ten Hag’s management approach, and the ever-present Premier League pressure, the club needs unity and a clear direction. As Goldbridge aptly put it, the focus should be on backing the manager and ensuring that the players are committed to the club’s success.

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