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The Allure of Old Trafford: Why Kane Nearly Waited for United

Kane’s Red Dreams and Munich Reality

The Allure of Old Trafford

There’s an old adage in football that claims the heart wants what it can’t have. And for Harry Kane, the allure of Manchester United was almost irresistible. But as fate would have it, on a glittering Wednesday night at the Allianz Arena, Kane will don the Bayern Munich jersey against Manchester United in what will be his Champions League debut for the German giants.

Reported by Daily Mail, Kane would have been prepared to wait a whole year to see his dreams come to fruition at Old Trafford. The possibility of him running onto the Theatre of Dreams as a Red was so intoxicating that he would’ve stayed loyal to Tottenham, seeing out the final year of his contract, and then joining Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United as a free agent, provided he was given concrete assurances.

Financial Woes and The Switch

Erik ten Hag was keen, his eyes set on the England captain. Yet, money often dictates the dance in football’s grand theatre. With financial constraints, United had to weigh Kane’s hefty transfer fee and wages. The decision? They had to reluctantly close the door on the 30-year-old’s transfer.

Then entered Rasmus Hojlund, the youthful alternative who seemed more in line with United’s budget. When Hojlund’s £72m signing was confirmed, it became evident to Kane that his United dream was likely fading into the distance. Merely a week later, he found himself sealing the deal with Bayern.

Spurs’ Stance and Kane’s Determination

But why didn’t Kane just wait it out? After all, his desire to be a Red was palpable. The answer lies with Spurs chief, Daniel Levy. Facing immense pressure from owner Joe Lewis, Levy was in a quandary. The prospect of Kane leaving for free in a year was financially unsavoury, especially when they could pocket up to £100 million. Moreover, selling to a direct Premier League adversary like Manchester United was something Levy was wary of.

Yet, Kane’s resolve was iron-clad. He was willing to defy the wishes of Spurs and wait it out, provided Manchester United kept their doors ajar for him.

The Proving Ground

Kane’s stint with Bayern thus far has been prolific, bagging four goals in five outings. And as he steps onto the pitch against Manchester United, there will be a glint in his eyes—a point to prove against the club that was once within his grasp.

While United deliberated over their forward options, eventually splurging £180m on talents like Hojlund, Mason Mount, Andre Onana, and Altay Bayindir, and securing loan deals for Sofyan Amrabat and Sergio Reguilon, one can’t help but ponder—what could have been if Kane had donned the Red?

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