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Pochettino’s Challenge: Fixing Chelsea Without Nkunku

The Rise and Sudden Halt of Nkunku

Christopher Nkunku, the vibrant Frenchman, promised a fresh dawn for Chelsea, captivating Stamford Bridge with flair, technique and a much-needed dash of the unexpected. Snapped up for a hefty £52m from RB Leipzig, his brief but scintillating pre-season performances for the Blues hinted at a transformative season.

But, in a twist of fate, a knock to the knee in a standoff against Borussia Dortmund forced Nkunku to the sidelines, with a return anticipated no earlier than 2024.

Echoes of Nkunku’s Pre-season Brilliance

With either a central striker role or a position tucked behind ‘number nine’ Nicolas Jackson, Nkunku radiated excellence. An innate ability to exploit spaces, connect passes, and find the back of the net positioned him as Chelsea’s beacon.

His blossoming understanding with Jackson was evident in the pre-season, stirring hopes of a prolific partnership. Chelsea envisioned Nkunku as the keystone to their future exploits, and initial glimpses suggested they’d hit the jackpot.

Pochettino’s Response: A Tactical Quandary

However, the Nkunku-shaped void presented Mauricio Pochettino with a tactical enigma. The younger Jackson, despite his pre-season zest, was not yet primed to spearhead Chelsea’s frontline. The inconsistency of the seasoned Raheem Sterling compounded Chelsea’s dilemma.

Nkunku’s absence prompted Pochettino to shuffle his deck. Notably, the more defensively adept Levi Colwill replaced the energetic Ben Chilwell. Colwill’s appointment hints at a more conservative approach from Pochettino, which perhaps underscores a pressing concern: a vulnerable Chelsea backline.

While an experiment with Chilwell in a winger role offered moments of brilliance, it quickly fizzled out, revealing the limitations of such a tactical tweak.

Enter Carney Chukwuemeka and Enzo Fernandez. Pochettino handed both talents opportunities to fill Nkunku’s boots, yet neither seemed to truly fit. Fernandez, renowned for his deep-lying playmaking abilities, appeared out of depth when thrust into an advanced role. The transfer window brought forth Cole Palmer, but pinning hopes on a youngster with minimal Premier League experience seemed more hopeful than strategic.

What’s the Way Forward for Chelsea?

A fleeting moment during Chelsea’s loss to Aston Villa hinted at a possible solution. Palmer, with a deft touch and vision, found the ever-running Chilwell, reminding fans of the attacking potency their side possesses.

Maybe it’s time Pochettino revisits his pre-season blueprint. The manager must trust his squad’s attacking flair. After all, his success at Stamford Bridge began with a commitment to free-flowing, aggressive football.

Chilwell’s inhibited role and Fernandez’s misplaced positionality have been sore points. For Chelsea to navigate these turbulent waters, a swift, bold recalibration is necessary.

Football can be brutal, and Pochettino knows the stakes. Yet, if there’s one thing Chelsea fans yearn for amid these trying times, it’s a return to the fearless, attacking ethos showcased in the summer.

In the end, it’s not just about filling Nkunku’s void. It’s about rediscovering Chelsea’s soul.

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