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Report: Premier League Star Returns to Face Serious Claims

Manchester United’s Antony Returns to Engage with Authorities

Cooperation with Investigation

Manchester United’s winger, Antony, has returned to England from his native Brazil in the wake of significant allegations directed at him. Demonstrating a willingness to cooperate, it has been learned that the 23-year-old footballer has agreed to engage with the Greater Manchester Police, even being open to surrendering his phone to aid their inquiry.

Backdrop of Allegations

As reported by BBC Sport, the spotlight on Antony intensified when Gabriela Cavallin, his former partner, levelled accusations of abuse against him through a piece in the Brazilian media outlet, UOL. However, Antony was quick to challenge these claims.

To offer more perspective, on 4 September, UOL laid out the specifics of the allegations. Cavallin reported an incident from 15 January, asserting that Antony had attacked her in a Manchester-based hotel room. The alleged confrontation led to her incurring an injury which necessitated medical attention. In addition to this, she made claims about another assault that caused harm to her silicone breast implant.

Reacting to the above, Antony took to social media, emphatically stating his stance on the matter: “I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the other evidence that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.”

Earlier in June, Antony faced similar allegations of domestic violence, leading to an interview with Brazilian authorities. It’s worth noting that after the interaction, no charges were pressed against him and he faced no barriers in his subsequent return to the UK.

A Widening Net

The plot thickened when two more individuals, Rayssa de Freitas and Ingrid Lana, brought to light their own separate allegations against the footballer from incidents in 2022. As with the prior claims, Antony has rebuffed these new allegations.

To delve deeper, Ingrid Lana, a banker aged 33, recounted an episode to Brazil’s Record TV. In her narrative, she claimed a confrontation with Antony at his Manchester residence in October 2022 resulted in her sustaining an injury.

United’s Stand

Amidst this maelstrom, Manchester United has taken a clear stance, affirming the severity with which they view these allegations. In a move displaying both support and caution, the club has granted Antony leave on full pay, enabling him to address these issues.

The coming days will certainly bring more clarity as the investigations proceed, with the football world keenly watching.

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