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Inter’s Ace Draws Attention from English Football Giants

Dimarco Shines: Inter’s Star Attracts Premier League Glances

Inter’s starlet, Federico Dimarco, has consistently proven himself as a formidable force in Italian football. The season has kicked off on a resounding note for Inter, though the recent stumble against Berardi’s impeccable Sassuolo did cast a temporary shadow.

Dimarco: A Pillar of Inzaghi’s Strategy

The Nerazzurri’s prodigious talent was pivotal in the recent away clash against Empoli, delivering a magnificent goal, inches below the crossbar. And with four assists under his belt, both in domestic league games and Champions League matches, Dimarco’s prowess is undeniable. Despite the notable addition of Carlos Augusto in the summer, Dimarco remains unwavering as a core component of Simone Inzaghi’s tactical blueprint.

“It is inevitable that the attention of top foreign teams has focused on the left-handed player from Porta Romana,” reports Calcio Mercato, as international football powerhouses scrutinise the prodigious talent that made his mark in 1997 and the Italian national colours.

Chelsea and City: Locked in the Dimarco Chase

As noted by ‘Fichajes.com’, Chelsea and Manchester City are particularly keen, adjusting their radar on the Porta Romana luminary, as the summer transfer season looms on the horizon. The ‘Blues’ admiration for the Inter maestro is well-documented. Simultaneously, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s maestro, had his fascination piqued during the Champions League final in Istanbul, where he had the privilege of witnessing Dimarco’s skills upfront.

Contracted with Inter until 2026, Dimarco enjoys an annual compensation of slightly above 1.5 million euros. Quite modest for a talent of his calibre. However, England’s elite clubs seem poised to inflate that figure, readying to quadruple his earnings to lure him away from Zhang’s embrace.

Inter’s Resolve: A United Front

Despite the Premier League’s allure, the harmony between Inter and Dimarco seems unbreakable. Both parties are fervently keen on prolonging their union, ensuring they repel any Premier League advances. In the offing is a rendezvous between the Viale della Liberazione higher-ups and Dimarco’s representatives. On the agenda? A contract renewal: Marotta and Ausilio are set to pitch a two-year extension with a proposed salary nearing 3 million euros. It’s clear as day; Inter’s intent on safeguarding their prodigy, ensuring no enticements from the British Isles sway him.

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