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Goldbridge VAR Reaction: ‘Liverpool were downright robbed’

Liverpool vs Spurs: The VAR Controversy

The Premier League’s VAR system is once again under scrutiny after a contentious match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Mark Goldbridge on his “That’s Football” podcast didn’t hold back in expressing his frustrations.

The Offside Debacle

In what was touted as the biggest game of the weekend, the VAR system managed to overshadow the on-field action.

Goldbridge exclaimed, “Liverpool have been absolutely robbed.”

The most glaring error was an offside decision that, to many, seemed clear-cut. “He’s just not offside. Stevie Wonder could see he wasn’t offside,” Goldbridge remarked. Such mistakes aren’t just isolated incidents; they’ve happened before. Goldbridge recalled a similar situation last season involving Arsenal and Brentford. “It should never, never happen again,” he lamented.

The Red Card Controversy

The match also saw a controversial red card decision. Goldbridge was adamant that the sending off was unwarranted.

“Jones has gone to win the ball with the front of his foot… it’s not reckless, it’s not out of control, it is completely and utterly accidental.”

He further elaborated that football is a contact sport, and injuries are part of the game. “You can’t send people off because somebody got hurt,” he stated.

Bigger Picture

Beyond individual decisions, there’s a broader issue at play. The inconsistency in officiating is harming the Premier League’s reputation. Goldbridge pointed out, “The inconsistency week in, week out is unbelievable.” Such errors aren’t just affecting the teams on the receiving end; they’re impacting the integrity of the competition. “Liverpool could well have been top of the league tonight… all because the officials are terrible,” Goldbridge noted.

Spurs, too, are victims in this situation. While the focus has been on Liverpool’s grievances, Tottenham Hotspur would likely prefer a fair match. “11 against 10’s never a good game,” Goldbridge said, highlighting the skewed dynamics of such encounters.

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VAR Verdict

Goldbridge’s verdict on VAR is clear:

“VAR has to go.”

For him, the technology, instead of aiding the game, has become a hindrance. “If you can’t use the technology, don’t bother,” he stated emphatically. The sentiment is that while human error in officiating can be forgiven, the consistent failures of a system designed to eliminate those errors cannot.

The match between Liverpool and Spurs will be remembered not for the football but for the controversies. Goldbridge’s passionate critique encapsulates the frustrations of many fans. As he aptly put it, “Liverpool have been downright robbed on live TV.” The Premier League and its officiating bodies have some serious introspection to do.

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