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Granit Xhaka on His Arsenal Exit: Seeking Solace at Leverkusen

Journey from Emirates to Leverkusen

Granit Xhaka’s tale is one of passion, turbulence, and finally seeking solace. Having been an influential figure at Arsenal for seven long years, the Swiss midfielder’s journey in North London was as chaotic as they come. And now, he’s opened up about his decision to swap the frenzy of the Emirates for the tranquillity of Bayer Leverkusen.

From Turbulence to Transformation

Arsenal. A club that has seen its fair share of controversies. And for Xhaka, it was no different. Despite his strong ties and contribution to the Gunners, there were times when the path seemed rocky. Recalling the days under Unai Emery, it appeared the exit door was drawing closer. But fate had different plans. The exit of Emery and the subsequent appointment of Mikel Arteta acted as a catalyst, putting Xhaka right back into the limelight and eventually, the captain’s armband.

However, it wasn’t just the captaincy. Under Arteta, Arsenal was on a transformational journey, coming agonisingly close to clinching the Premier League title, finishing behind the colossal Manchester City. But every good story needs an ending, and for Xhaka, this was the perfect curtain call.

In an enlightening chat with NZZ, Xhaka revealed, “My time at Arsenal was over so I decided to leave. You can work in peace at Leverkusen. Here there’s no chaos, other clubs are more in focus. At Arsenal the pressure is different. But we have high ambitions as we’ve enormous potential in the team.”

Myths and Motivations

Xhaka’s decision to head to Germany has been surrounded by speculation. Was it due to his wife’s preference? The midfielder quickly puts the myth to bed, “It was sometimes written that I was coming back to Germany because of my wife. That’s not the truth. Like me, she was very happy in London.”

It wasn’t just a new club Xhaka sought, but a new horizon, a fresh challenge. “I didn’t come to Leverkusen as a boss… but because I was looking for a new challenge. I felt like my time at Arsenal was over after seven years in London. I came here as an experienced player and person. My teammates see that I can give them something of what I have learned. That’s part of my role here.”

A Promising Start in Germany

At Leverkusen, things are looking bright. Under the meticulous guidance of the esteemed Xabi Alonso, they’re off to a stellar Bundesliga campaign. With five impressive victories and a solitary draw, they’re making a mark, especially after Bayern Munich’s recent stumble against RB Leipzig.

As for Xhaka, his search for tranquillity seems to have led him to the right place. It’s a new chapter, and the early pages are already hinting at a bestseller.

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