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Injury Drama Ahead of Arsenal’s Clash with Man City

An Unexpected Hurdle

Just as the sun started to settle on the horizon, a blow came to Arsenal – Saka limping off the field after their startling Champions League defeat at the hands of Lens. Moments like these, heavy with uncertainty, can hold an entire club’s breath in anticipation.

The Optimistic Whisper of Arteta

Mikel Arteta’s voice resonated hope: “He is in contention”, he remarked with caution. The journey from Tuesday’s exit to Sunday’s fixture remains a winding one. “Let’s see how he progresses from here to Sunday. He had to leave the pitch and that’s never good news. Let’s see how he recovers.”

But what of the specifics? Had Saka gone for a scan? Arteta, always one to keep a card or two close to his chest, simply replied: “I leave that to the doctors. I’m not a doctor. That’s what they told me [— that he’s fit].”

Saka: The Shared Gem

The world of football knows how valuable Saka is. From Arsenal’s lush greens to England’s international pitches, his presence is felt. Southgate had sensed his potential early on, marking 2020 with his international debut. Arteta’s candid relationship with Southgate was apparent as he said, “I have spoken to Gareth on several occasions.” Yet, he’s also aware of his boundaries, adding, “I have to do my job… He has to make the best decision as well for the national team. I’m not going to get involved in that.”

Contingencies and Praises

Football, with all its unpredictabilities, also has its constants. Should Saka’s boots not make it onto Sunday’s grass, eyes might turn to Leandro Trossard. A beacon from Brighton, his addition in January has not gone unnoticed. “Leo has been really good,” said the Arsenal boss, hinting at his possible inclusion. “He had a big impact on the team in the last game that he played. He had an absence against Brentford that [meant] he couldn’t participate, but for the rest he’s been really good.”

The Clock Ticks Down

As Sunday approaches, the questions linger. Will Saka face Manchester City in his 88th successive Premier League appearance? Or will Trossard, the January jewel, step in?

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