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Ten Hag Praises McTominay’s Match-Turning Double at Old Trafford

Erik Ten Hag: The Manchester United Maestro’s Verdict on McTominay’s Brilliance

Old Trafford’s Late Drama

Manchester United’s Theatre of Dreams witnessed yet another unforgettable night. Old Trafford pulsated with energy, especially in the dying minutes when Scott McTominay, the pride of Scotland, delivered an enthralling finale with a brace that turned the game on its head. Brentford, having established their lead courtesy of a Mathias Jensen strike in the opening act, seemed set for a headline victory. But McTominay had other plans.

A Heartbeat Synced with United

At the post-match rendezvous with the press, Ten Hag, wearing a grin, playfully remarked on McTominay’s late entrance, “I said, ‘Score two goals’!” The manager’s affection for the midfielder was palpable. “You see he is Man Utd in every way, in his heart. When you are coming on and you give this to the team it tells a lot.”

The Old Trafford crowd, known for its passionate chants, apparently drowned out Ten Hag’s instructions for McTominay. The midfielder jestingly admitted to not hearing them clearly but took an educated guess, which, in the end, seemed rather spot-on!

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A Testament to Unity

One couldn’t help but sense Ten Hag’s pride in his squad and the supporters. “Even when we were losing, they kept standing behind us,” he reminisced about the unwavering support. Such moments define the essence of Manchester United, a club steeped in history and resilience. “It says a lot about the dressing room, they are together,” Ten Hag added.

McTominay: The Undoubted Red Devil

Whispers of a potential transfer move to West Ham United surrounded McTominay over the summer. A tempting £30m bid was tabled, yet Manchester United, true to their ethos, held onto their gem. On this matter, Ten Hag expressed, “He has a big value, sporting and also economic.” He continued, emphasising McTominay’s significance, “For every minute, he will fight for the match. Those players you need in the squad.”

United’s Quest for Balance

Reflecting on Manchester United’s journey so far, Ten Hag hinted at the challenges. “Normally in October, you have to find your starting XI. We have a lot of injuries, we’re not there,” he confessed. Yet, amidst these tribulations, the team’s character shone brightly. Ten Hag lauded them, “They kept going the whole game. They kept the faith.”

And as for the feelings coursing through him post-victory? “To describe this feeling.. I can’t… but it’s a great feeling I can tell you that,” he said with an evident gleam in his eyes.

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