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Manchester United’s Goalkeeping Crisis: Is Onana to Blame?

The Rise and Fall of Andre Onana

Andre Onana’s journey from being one of Europe’s top goalkeepers at Inter Milan to facing a challenging start at Manchester United has been nothing short of dramatic. The 26th-minute error against Brentford, allowing a savable shot from Mathias Jensen, was a stark reminder of his dwindling form. As Pyzdrowski notes, “The error against Brentford was the second mistake Onana’s made in as many matches.”

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Onana’s recent performances starkly contrast his Champions League heroics for Inter. Last season, he conceded only 36 goals in 41 games. However, this season has seen him make several errors, from the hesitation against Wolves to the soft goal conceded against Bayern Munich. Pyzdrowski observes, “The problems started in the opening fixture against Wolves… Then against Bayern Munich at the end of September, Onana let a soft Leroy Sane shot squirm past his body.”

The Technical Aspect of Onana’s Game

Onana’s unique diving technique, with a wider base for both his feet and arms, has been a topic of discussion. While unconventional, this technique has served him well in the past. Pyzdrowski highlights, “At his very best, Onana executes his technique incredibly well.” However, recent matches have shown lapses in his application of this technique.

The Mental Game: Confidence or Crisis?

It’s not just about technique; the mental aspect cannot be ignored. Pyzdrowski aptly points out, “One of the biggest issues for Onana at the moment is that he’s not getting the most out of his biggest strengths as a goalkeeper.” The pressure of playing for a club like Manchester United can be immense, and Onana needs to recalibrate his approach.

The Road Ahead for Onana

Despite the challenges, there’s hope for Onana. Erik ten Hag’s belief in him becoming “one of the best goalkeepers in the world” is a testament to his potential. Pyzdrowski concludes, “The key for Onana will be to try to do less, not more, and focus on the things that made him good in the first place.”

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