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Beckham’s Netflix Series: A Deep Dive into Old Ties

Beckham and Ferguson: An Intricate Tale of Two Titans

Based on insights from Mark Critchley’s piece in The Athletic, the Netflix documentary series on David Beckham unravels a rich tapestry of Beckham’s journey, with Sir Alex Ferguson often at its heart.

The Early Days: Spotlight on a Star

A young David, bursting with energy and potential, discussed how his rise to fame as a Manchester United star hadn’t changed him. Sir Alex Ferguson, however, with a no-nonsense approach, expressed a contrasting view, “Well, he changed.”

Tug of War: Football vs. Fame

This tug-of-war of perspectives establishes a recurring theme in the series: the difference in priorities. Where football was the be-all and end-all for Ferguson, for Beckham, it served as a pathway to myriad opportunities beyond the pitch. Critchley notes that the complexities of their relationship often boiled down to a singular view of Beckham’s evolving interests. Ferguson once remarked about Beckham’s interest in fashion and celebrity as “a phase” he hoped would “die out quickly”.

An Enduring Bond

Despite the rough patches, the bond shared between the player and manager was evident and resilient. After Beckham’s infamous red card during the 1998 World Cup, Ferguson’s reassuring words stood out, “Don’t worry about what anyone says, get yourself back here where people love you and support you.”

The Tensions Rise

The 2002-03 season brought noticeable strain to their relationship. From disagreements over off-pitch duties to personal comments that hit Beckham deep, the atmosphere grew thick with tension. The incident in which a stray boot, kicked by Ferguson, hit Beckham in the face became a symbol of their deteriorating bond. “I think that was stage-managed,” commented Albert Morgan, hinting at the perceived exaggerations around the incident.

The Inevitable Parting

Yet, despite the bitter taste left by such moments, Beckham’s departure from United was drenched in emotion. “It was my home. My relationship with the boss was always special. We had our moments but I still loved him,” Beckham confided. Ferguson’s take on it, though unsentimental, was poignant, “You’re never going to be in love with players all your life. Never. It’s never going to be that way.”

Mutual Respect Amidst Differences

Mark Critchley poignantly captures the nuanced dance of love, respect, and sometimes, disappointment, that characterized the Beckham-Ferguson relationship. Stubbornness was a trait both men acknowledged in each other. “He was stubborn in the sense that a lot of people are stubborn and it’s not a criticism,” Ferguson said of Beckham.

The essence of their bond, however, stood the test of time. The deep respect Ferguson and Beckham share for each other is unmistakable, underscoring the subtleties of a relationship moulded by football, fame, and shared determination.

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