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Balague Sheds Light on Messi’s Post-MLS Plans

Messi: The Saga Continues

Amidst the swirling mists of speculation and intrigue, the football world’s gaze firmly rests on Lionel Messi. The Inter Miami captain and football maestro finds himself the subject of intense transfer debate, yet again.

Not Bound for Another Adventure

Despite the tantalising whispers of Messi’s fleeting sojourns beyond the Major League Soccer, we’ve learned, via esteemed Spanish football expert, Guillem Balague told BBC Sport, that Messi will not be setting sail on a loan journey post the MLS season.

“Messi will have around one month holiday, like other footballers. So forget any move to Saudi or similar,” Balague asserted, firmly dismissing the circulating rumours.

Unravelling The American Dream

Inter Miami, although graced by the Argentine’s brilliance, recently met despair with a 1-0 defeat to FC Cincinnati. This effectively sidestepped their play-off ambitions, with the season drawing to a close on 21st October. Messi’s limited screen-time, with just 72 minutes under his belt since early September, due to a niggling injury, perhaps contributed to the club’s less than ideal positioning.

However, it’s not all been shadows and silhouettes. Remember the glittering moment in August when Messi shepherded the club to their debut Leagues Cup triumph? Yet, the accolades have been sparse. Despite netting 11 goals in 13 outings for the side, only a solitary strike has been witnessed in his five MLS displays.

A Barcelona Heartbeat

One can’t mention Messi without invoking the spirit of Barcelona. Ever since he bid adieu to Barça in 2021, after a staggering 21-year legacy, murmurs of a heartfelt return have been ceaseless.

Inter Miami’s manager, Tata Martino, was recently quizzed about these very whispers. He responded, “That’s surprising. I know nothing about that. If you’re telling me that he’s going to go visit Barcelona on vacation, yes, it’s probable, but I don’t have any information on the other part.”

A Glimpse of What Lies Ahead

Following the MLS season curtain call, Messi’s diary is inked with World Cup qualifiers against the heavyweights, Uruguay and Brazil. Post these crucial fixtures, a month’s reprieve beckons the legend, before he rejoins the hustle in Miami, gearing up for the new MLS season come February.

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