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Gameweek 13: Premier League Lights Up with Liverpool at Etihad

When Titans Collide: Liverpool Faces Man City in Premier League’s Showcase

In the theatre of football, where legends rise and empires fall, all eyes now turn to a much-anticipated fixture. The Premier League has rolled out its red carpet for a sumptuous showdown: Liverpool vs Man City. This encounter is not just another match, but a statement of intent from both teams. Let’s unwrap the drama that lies in store for us.

The Stage is Set: An Early Etihad Encounter

We don’t need to wait long. The weekend after the last international break in November will launch into action with Liverpool making their way to the Etihad Stadium. This Premier League’s Saturday curtain-raiser on 25th November promises sparks as Manchester City, under the watchful gaze of Pep Guardiola, welcome the Merseysiders.

But why such an early fixture, you might ask?

Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic maestro behind Liverpool, wasn’t shy about voicing his displeasure on this matter back in September. With players travelling to far-off lands, representing their nation’s pride, the early kick-off doesn’t sit well with him. In his words, “It’s a joke.”

The Spotlight on Television

Of course, a game of such magnitude needs to be shared with the world. Sky Sports has bagged this golden goose, ensuring that football aficionados across the UK can revel in every pass, tackle, and goal.

The football bonanza doesn’t stop there. Arsenal, who’ve already tasted success against Brentford this season, will be showcasing their finesse live on TNT Sports. Meanwhile, Tottenham, under the stewardship of Ange Postecoglou, invites Aston Villa for a Sunday rendezvous. And for those who love their football served with some Sunday evening drama, there’s Everton vs Manchester United at 16:30 BST.

But, the end is as thrilling as the start. To cap off Gameweek 13, the historic Craven Cottage will light up for Fulham vs Wolves on Monday night.

The Shadows of the Past

It’s worth noting that the decision to bring forward the Man City and Liverpool game wasn’t arbitrary. Rumours whispered of potential “fan trouble” – whispers rooted in incidents from yesteryears. The scars from a past Carabao Cup tie, where a young fan faced the brunt of some unsavoury elements, haven’t quite healed. The safety advisory took no chances, ensuring the fixture avoided the 17:30 BST slot.

Gameweek 13: UK Television Schedule

  • 25/11/23 / 12:30: Manchester City v Liverpool – Sky Sports
  • 25/11/23 / 17:30: Brentford v Arsenal – TNT Sports
  • 26/11/23 / 14:00: Tottenham vs Aston Villa – Sky Sports
  • 26/11/23 / 16:30: Everton vs Manchester United – Sky Sports
  • 27/11/23 / 20:00: Fulham vs Wolves – Sky Sports
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