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Report:Magpies Contemplate Major Transfer Move for Gunners Midfielder

Smith Rowe’s Journey at Arsenal: A Blend of Triumphs and Setbacks

In the middle of the tumultuous 2020/21 season, Arsenal bore witness to a rising star, Smith Rowe. Emerging from the shadows of the Gunners academy, he took the centre stage, marking his prowess by finishing as the club’s leading scorer for the campaign. Yet, the road to glory isn’t linear. Smith Rowe has since experienced both exuberant highs and undeniable lows.

The Meteoric Rise

Smith Rowe’s ascension in the football hierarchy was nothing short of cinematic. From becoming an indispensable asset on the teamsheet to earning the tag of England international, he seemed unstoppable. However, as dynamics changed, debates began to surface. Arsenal’s third choice for attacking midfielder? Many argue that the young talent now ranks behind the likes of Martin Odegaard, the club’s captain, and Fabio Vieira.

The Newcastle Attraction

Yet, even as his position at Arsenal appears somewhat unstable, Newcastle United hasn’t turned a blind eye. As the Magpies contemplate the possibility of a transfer, Eddie Howe and his team see an opportunity. Given the limited game time Smith Rowe has seen with the Gunners lately, a shift to St. James’ Park might be tempting for the 23-year-old.

Arteta’s Crystal-Clear Expectations

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s figurehead, set the bar high for his attacking midfielders, especially post Smith Rowe’s contract renewal in the summer of 2021. The manager’s vision was lucid, “An incredible season for a number 10 of Arsenal means he needs to score 15 goals and give 10 assists,” stated Arteta. By European standards, this performance would classify Rowe among the continent’s elites. However, the reality remains – Smith Rowe hasn’t yet achieved these numbers.

Odegaard’s Shadow

Compounding Smith Rowe’s challenges is the performance of Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian has consistently showcased his skills, echoing Arteta’s vision by nearly achieving the goal target last season. This comparison, combined with Smith Rowe’s current stats, notably his absence from the score sheet, only amplifies the pressure on the young Englishman.

The Reduced Game Time

This season, Smith Rowe’s appearances have been notably limited. Apart from a start in the Carabao Cup match against Brentford, where Arsenal clinched a 1-0 victory, he’s had a mere 10-minute presence in the Premier League, scattered over two brief spells.

Arteta, candid about his decisions, admitted his role in Smith Rowe’s reduced playtime. “I have to be critical of myself,” confessed the Spaniard. While he believes in extracting the best from his squad, he feels certain players, Smith Rowe included, haven’t yet unlocked their full potential.

Newcastle’s Proposal

Rumours from St. James’ Park suggest a potential loan deal for Smith Rowe. However, considering Arsenal’s valuation of the player, a temporary exit might not suffice. The Gunners would likely entertain discussions only if they involve a permanent transfer accompanied by a significant fee.

As these events continue to unfold, it’s important to remember the source of these insights. All the developments surrounding Smith Rowe, Arsenal, and Newcastle are as reported by Daily Mirror.

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