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Report: Premier League Digs into Historic Chelsea Transfers

A Closer Look at Chelsea’s Past Transfers: Eto’o and Willian Under Scrutiny

Delving into Chelsea’s Financial History

In a week in August 2013, Chelsea Football Club, one of the eminent names in the Premier League, welcomed two significant players to their fold – Samuel Eto’o, the indomitable striker from Cameroon, and Willian, the dynamic midfielder from Brazil. Now, nearly a decade later, those same transfers are being meticulously examined by the Premier League.


Unearthing Financial Irregularities

The ongoing investigation is focused on identifying potential discrepancies and breaches in financial rules by Chelsea. The club’s authorities have clarified that these allegations have their roots in time periods that “pre-date the current ownership” and have no connections with any personnel currently associated with the club.

In July, Chelsea had been subject to an £8.6m fine by Uefa for contravening Financial Fair Play regulations, attributed to the submission of “incomplete financial information” spanning from 2012 to 2019.

New Owners, New Discoveries

Following Chelsea’s acquisition by the Clearlake group in May 2022, the financial breaches came to light. It is believed that the new owners were prompt in bringing these matters to the attention of the Premier League.

The league’s official investigation, confirmed in August, brings into focus the transfers of Eto’o and Willian. Both were part of a significant signing spree conducted under the stewardship of Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch who governed the club from 2003 to 2022.

The two players, both noteworthy additions to Chelsea’s roster, were signed by the Russian side, Anzhi Makhachkala.

Transition of Ownership and Allegations

The club underwent a change of ownership last year when Abramovich relinquished control to a consortium spearheaded by American investor Todd Boehly and the private equity firm, Clearlake Capital.

Chelsea, in a statement released on Monday, elucidated:

“These allegations pre-date the club’s current ownership. They concern entities that were allegedly controlled by the club’s former owner and do not relate to any individual who is presently at the club.

Chelsea FC’s ownership group completed its purchase of the club on May 30, 2022.

During a thorough due diligence process prior to completion of the purchase, the ownership group became aware of potentially incomplete financial reporting concerning historical transactions during the club’s previous ownership.

Immediately following the completion of the purchase, the club proactively self-reported these matters to all applicable football regulators.

In accordance with the club’s ownership group’s core principles of full compliance and transparency the club has proactively assisted the applicable regulators with their investigations and will continue to do so.”

Implications and the Road Ahead

The reevaluation of the signings of players like Eto’o and Willian shines a light on the complex intricacies of football transfers. While the current owners of Chelsea have maintained transparency and adherence to the principles of compliance, the unfolding investigation is a testament to the diligence applied to ensure that the noble spirit of the sport remains untarnished.

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