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Epic Battles Loom in Carabao Cup Quarter-Final Fixtures

A Riveting Carabao Cup Draw Unveiled

An Enthralling Clash at the Quarters

In a thrilling revelation, the Carabao Cup quarter-finals will unveil a theatre of dreams where Newcastle United proudly stand against Chelsea, following a magisterial conquest over Manchester United at the formidable Old Trafford.

Chelsea’s Quest for Redemption

Stamford Bridge echoed with triumph as Chelsea, amidst a tumultuous Premier League journey, garnered a victory against the spirited Championship side, Blackburn Rovers. A tumultuous quest lies ahead of the Blues as they ardently seek their first coveted domestic trophy since the yesteryears of 2018.

The Hammer’s Challenge

Anfield awaits the formidable clash as West Ham United, bathed in glory for vanquishing the Premier League titans, Arsenal, prepare to cross swords with Liverpool in a monumental quarter-final battle.

The Unexpected Contenders

A tale of the unexpected unfolds as League One’s Port Vale, etching history by standing as the gallant lowest-ranked survivors, are bestowed with the challenge against Middlesbrough, ensuring the presence of non-Premier League brilliance in the esteemed semi-finals.

Dates to Remember

Mark your calendars for a football fiesta as the grand stage is set for the captivating quarter-final fixtures, commencing in a festive fervour, in the illustrious week heralding Christmas, starting Monday, 18 December.

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