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Erik Ten Hag’s Task Through Gullit’s Eyes

Unpacking Simon Jordan’s Candid Conversation with Ruud Gullit

Gullit’s Journey: From Italy to Chelsea

Ruud Gullit, a name synonymous with football excellence, shares his journey from the passionate Italian football scene to Chelsea. Gullit recalls the overwhelming attention in Italy, saying, “I couldn’t go out… I couldn’t go shopping… because of the passion of the Italian fans.” His move to Chelsea, initially unknown to him, turned out to be a liberating experience. Gullit describes his first impressions of Stamford Bridge and the newfound freedom he experienced in London, calling it his “happy place.”

Transition to Management: Challenges and Insights

The conversation shifts to Gullit’s transition from player to player-manager at Chelsea. He admits, “I knew that if I took that job, my career was finished as a football player.” Gullit reflects on his management style, emphasising his positive outlook and the misconception that a serious demeanour equates to seriousness in the role. He shares insights into managing different player personalities, highlighting his interactions with Dennis Wise and Gary Speed.

Newcastle United: A Complex Chapter

Gullit’s tenure at Newcastle United is a focal point of the discussion. He talks about leading the team to an FA Cup Final against a formidable Manchester United team. Gullit delves into the complexities of managing high-profile players like Alan Shearer, stating, “The most difficult guys are mostly the guys who make a difference on the pitch.” His approach to management, focusing on adapting players’ styles for team benefit, is evident in his recounting of these experiences.

Ten Hag and Manchester United: A Dutch Perspective

The dialogue turns to Erik Ten Hag’s appointment at Manchester United. Gullit views Ten Hag’s task as challenging, given his lack of a background similar to Manchester United’s previous managers like Mourinho and Van Gaal. He acknowledges Ten Hag’s achievements with Ajax but notes the unique challenges at Manchester United, where “people live still in the 90s” and have expectations rooted in a bygone era of dominance.

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Reflections and Future Outlook

Gullit’s conversation with Simon Jordan offers a deep dive into the intricacies of football management, player dynamics, and the evolving landscape of football clubs. His experiences, both as a player and a manager, provide a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of football at the highest level.

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