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Red Devils Eye Atletico’s Star

Manchester United’s Bold Move: Targeting Antoine Griezmann

United’s Ambitious Transfer Strategy

Manchester United is setting a bold precedent this season. Amid their poorest start in over six decades, the Red Devils are eyeing a significant squad boost by pursuing Atletico Madrid’s star, Antoine Griezmann. This comes as the club finds itself in a precarious sixth spot in the Premier League and on the cusp of a Champions League departure.

Erik ten Hag’s Wishlist

Erik ten Hag, United’s tactician, is intent on using the January transfer window to fortify his lineup. El Nacional highlights Griezmann as a prominent figure on ten Hag’s recruitment list. Securing such a talent could be a game-changer for United’s season dynamics.

Financial Feasibility and Commitment

The Red Devils are not shying away from heavy financial plays either. Negotiations with Griezmann’s camp suggest United is willing to offer a triple wage increase to lure the French ace to Old Trafford. With an accessible release clause of $27 million, Griezmann emerges as a strategic investment for United’s revival plans.

Revitalizing Old Trafford

United’s pursuit of Griezmann signals a robust strategy to tackle the season’s hurdles head-on. As stated by El Nacional, this move is not just a transfer – it’s a statement of intent and a commitment to the club’s future success.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index

Griezmann’s Performance Insight

Antoine Griezmann’s recent performance data, courtesy of Fbref, presents a compelling case for his prowess on the pitch. The French forward’s percentile ranks among fellow strikers reflect a player at the peak of his game, particularly in the realms of non-penalty goals and shot-creating actions. His stats, collated over 3384 minutes of play in the last year, showcase his invaluable contribution in both attacking and possession phases.

Attacking Prowess and Possession Quality

In terms of attacking metrics, Griezmann’s non-penalty goals sit comfortably in the 78th percentile. It’s his creativity, however, that truly shines, with his assists ranking in the 99th percentile. This stat, combined with a high percentile in shot-creating actions, illustrates Griezmann’s crucial role in engineering scoring opportunities, backed by a strong showing in non-penalty expected goals and assists (npxG + xAG).

Possession statistics solidify Griezmann’s status as an elite playmaker. His percentile for progressive passes received is indicative of his ability to drive the team forward from advanced positions. Moreover, his exceptional pass completion rate places him in the 87th percentile, demonstrating his precision and reliability in distributing the ball.

Defensive Contributions Stand Out

Defensively, Griezmann’s stats might surprise some. His percentile ranks for blocks and interceptions are impressive for a forward, with 82nd and 97th percentiles, respectively. Such figures highlight his defensive work rate and his willingness to contribute to the team’s off-the-ball efforts.

In summary, Griezmann’s performance data from Fbref paints a picture of a well-rounded forward who excels across various aspects of the game. His influence on the pitch extends beyond traditional forward duties, making him a multidimensional threat and a valuable asset to any team. With such comprehensive stats, it’s no wonder Manchester United views him as a prime target to reinforce their attacking options.

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