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Rating the Rumour – Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United

Is the French Maestro the man to fix Man United?

Welcome back to Rating the Rumour, which does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll be taking the biggest transfer rumours related to Premier League teams and rating the likelihood of the moves coming to fruition.

The final rating will be decided based on the potential fit of the player into the rumoured buying club, the need for that club to sign a player for the position played, whether the player is of the level required by the club, whether the club could afford the rumoured price and whether or not the player is even likely to be available for transfer.

We will not factor in the reliability of the rumour, as it would likely cause mass amounts of crying from outlets, journalists and “journalists” who would have to be denounced as spoofers.

With the ground rules laid out, let’s look at Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United which has been reported by Mundo Deportivo.


Antoine Griezmann is a fantastic player who can play multiple positions, so if this deal was to come to fruition you would back Griezmann to find a way to fit into Erik Ten Hag’s team but there is no ideal role for him in this team. The most obvious one would be as a number 10 but that role is filled by Bruno Fernandes who is both club captain and United’s best player.

Griezmann could play off the right, which is a somewhat problematic role for United, but it would not be the best use of him as he is not a natural winger.

Fit Rating – 1/2


As good as he is, Griezmann is not what United need. Neither in terms of profile or age. He is 32 and one would hope that having seen Raphael Varane and Casemiro arrive on the downward slope of their careers United might learn their lesson and not commit huge sums of money to players who are past their best. Especially one who does not fit in any of their real problem positions.

Need Rating – 0/2


The question here is not if Antoine Griezmann is good enough for United, it’s whether United are good enough for Griezmann. He will want to play Champions League football for the remaining years of his peak and post-peak. At time of writing United are not looking like a Champions League calibre team. He is good enough, they are not.

Level Rating – 1/2


Atletico would not be willing to let Griezmann leave on the cheap, but given his age they might consider a sale. He is contracted until 2026 though, so Atletico would certainly be looking to be well compensated for one of their best players. United have never had an issue paying big fees though, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Reports suggest United would be willing to triple Griezmann’s current wage. That would likely mean paying the Frenchman close to £600k per week. For a 32 year old, that would be a dreadful decision for United to make.

Affordability Rating – 1/2

For Sale?

Atletico might consider a sale, but it seems unlikely that Griezmann will be open to a move at this stage. He turned down offers from Saudi Arabia in the summer and seems to be very much enjoying his football in his second spell at the Madrid club.

He’ll also remember how poorly his last “big move” went when he left Atleti for Barcelona and as the old saying goes, once bitten twice shy.

Availability Rating – 1/2

Final Rating

This rumour rates out at 4/10. We can likely file it under “spoofing” with journalists looking to fill column inches during the international break and United’s name alone guaranteeing clicks.

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