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Dave Hendrick: Rashford’s Drought, United’s Concern

Premier League Insights: A Deep Dive into Man United’s Current Form

Manchester United’s Struggles This Season

Manchester United’s performance this season has been a blend of highs and lows, marked by a series of mixed results. Dave Hendrick, on the Two Footed Podcast, highlighted United’s inability to beat top-half teams, noting, “United have not beaten anybody in the top half this season.” This statement underscores the team’s struggle to maintain consistency against stronger opponents.

Key Players and Disappointments

On this episode Dave looked at each Premier League side and assessed certain criteria such as positives and negatives, as well as best and worst players.

Scott McTominay stands out as United’s best player, as per Hendrick’s analysis, due to his goal contributions in a generally underperforming team. “I’m going to go with McTominay,” Hendrick said, recognising the midfielder’s efforts amidst team challenges.

Conversely, Marcus Rashford has been the most disappointing. Despite his known talent, Rashford’s lack of goals is a stark contrast to expectations. “One goal this season in the league… that’s really, really poor for Marcus Rashford,” Hendrick emphasised.

Transfers and New Signings

Among new signings, Johnny Evans has been a notable addition, though not without criticism. The most disappointing signing, as Hendrick pointed out, has been Mason Mount. “Mason Mount has been a poor signing for United so far,” Hendrick remarked, reflecting on Mount’s performance in the context of United’s overall struggles.

Analysing United’s Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Manchester United faces significant challenges. Their inability to secure wins against stronger teams suggests a need for tactical and personnel adjustments. As Hendrick concluded, “This manager… doesn’t know how to use the players.” This statement not only highlights individual players’ struggles but also points to broader managerial and strategic issues that United must address.

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