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Timo Werner To West Ham: Potential and Pitfalls

West Ham and Timo Werner: Loan Deal in Perspective

Exploring Timo Werner’s Potential at West Ham

The West Ham Way podcast, known for its in-depth discussions about the club’s transfer targets and strategies, recently explored the possibility of West Ham acquiring Timo Werner on a loan deal. Riley Finch, a regular contributor, shared his insights, offering a nuanced view of this potential move.

Werner’s Premier League Struggles and Potential

Finch acknowledged Werner’s less than stellar Premier League track record. He cited, “For Chelsea, he scored 23 goals in 90 appearances… roughly about eight goals a season,” highlighting a performance that falls short of expectations. Despite Werner’s impressive goal-scoring record in Germany – “113 goals in 212 appearances” – his adaptation to the English league remains a question.

Finch conveyed skepticism about Werner’s fit for West Ham, noting his need for space and a lack of clinical finishing:

“He’s not clinical enough… we can’t as a team orchestrate that space.”

Loan Deal: A Low-Risk Option?

Considering a loan deal, Finch reflected on the low risk involved: “A loan move isn’t terrible… if he works out, he works out; if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.” This pragmatic approach recognises the potential upside without significant financial commitment. Finch’s analysis points to a cautious optimism, tempered by realistic expectations of Werner’s contribution.

Finch also discussed other potential striker options for West Ham, like Dominic Solanke and Armando Broja. His emphasis on finding a striker who complements the team’s style and needs is clear:

“I think we have to just go all out and go for a permanent move.”

This comment reflects a broader strategy for the club, seeking players who can make an immediate and sustained impact.

Conclusion: A Calculated Gamble?

In summing up, Finch’s views on Werner are mixed. He sees the potential in Werner but is conscious of the risks involved, especially given the player’s inconsistent performance in the Premier League. The prospect of a loan deal offers a balanced solution, allowing West Ham to assess Werner’s fit without the long-term commitment. As Finch aptly puts it, “It wouldn’t be the worst transfer move in the world, but I just don’t think he suits our play style.”

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