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Premier League Predictions with Hendrick and Drinkel

Premier League Predictions: Insights from ‘Two Footed’ with Dave Hendrick and Guy Drinkel

Expert Analysis of Key Premier League Fixtures

Dave Hendrick and Guy Drinkel, on their ‘Two Footed’ podcast, recently dissected the upcoming Premier League fixtures, offering rich insights and predictions. Here’s a detailed summary incorporating their direct quotes for an authentic perspective.

Manchester City vs. Liverpool: The Premier Clash

  • Context: This high-stakes match has both teams almost at full strength. Dave notes, “Liverpool have no Thiago, no Andy Robertson… Manchester City will have no Kevin De Bruyne, likely no Mateo Kovacic.”
  • Prediction: Despite reservations, Dave predicts a Liverpool win: “I have this feeling that Liverpool will lose, but I’m just going to pick a 2-1 Liverpool win and hope for the best.”
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Burnley vs. West Ham: Style Contrast

  • Analysis: Discussing the teams’ approaches, Dave remarks, “Burnley at least they try and play decent football… West Ham are just a flat-out better team.”
  • Prediction: Expecting a 2-1 West Ham victory, Dave comments on the game’s likely lack of visual appeal.

Luton vs. Crystal Palace: Unpredictability Reigns

  • Insight: Guy highlights Palace’s potential: “Palace have Anderson who’s really dominant in the air.”
  • Prediction: A 1-0 win for Palace is anticipated, with Guy emphasising the team’s individual talent.

Newcastle vs. Chelsea: Testing Depth

  • Observation: Injuries play a crucial role. Guy states, “Newcastle don’t play like Man City or Arsenal.”
  • Prediction: A narrow 2-1 victory for Newcastle is expected, with home advantage being a key factor.
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Nottingham Forest vs. Brighton: Goals Galore?

  • Overview: Both teams grapple with injuries. Dave predicts, “This match will be really boring unless Brighton do something special, which there’s been no sign of lately.”
  • Prediction: A high-scoring 3-2 win for Forest is foreseen, given the defensive vulnerabilities on both sides.

Sheffield United vs. Bournemouth: Relegation Tussle

  • Significance: This is a pivotal game for both teams. “This is the biggest game of the weekend in many ways,” Dave emphasises.
  • Prediction: A 1-0 win for Bournemouth is expected, citing their edge in individual talent.

Brentford vs. Arsenal: A Strategic Battle

  • Context: Brentford’s injury woes could be decisive. Dave notes, “Brentford have a lot of problems… but can trouble this Arsenal backline.”
  • Prediction: Arsenal is favoured to win 2-1, overcoming Brentford’s challenges.
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Tottenham vs. Aston Villa: An Even Matchup

  • Analysis: Spurs’ defensive issues could be exploited by Villa. “Eric Dier will actively cost them a game,” Dave critically remarks.
  • Prediction: A 2-2 draw is predicted, suggesting an entertaining match.

Everton vs. Manchester United: Lacklustre Showdown

  • Critique: The hosts are unenthused about this match. “Nobody should watch this game of football,” says Dave.
  • Prediction: A 1-0 win for United is foreseen, though the game is anticipated to be uninspiring.

Fulham vs. Wolves: Monday Night Football

  • Overview: Fulham’s home advantage is noted. Guy observes, “Fulham played Tottenham on a Monday night… This will be their third Monday night game.”
  • Prediction: A 1-1 draw is expected, indicating a balanced yet unexciting game.
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In summary, the ‘Two Footed’ podcast offers a comprehensive analysis of the upcoming Premier League games, marked by candid opinions and well-considered predictions from Dave Hendrick and Guy Drinkel. Their commentary provides a unique lens to view the weekend’s football action.

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