I am 39, and after a varied career in marketing and media sales I have been diagnosed with a severe and ongoing neurological disorder. This has resulted in me going from fit & healthy to being practically bed bound. It has been quite hard to adapt but that’s life and you have to play the cards you are dealt.   Since I became ill I have had far too much time on my hands. In between vomiting constantly, hospital appointments, and generally feeling awful I have tried to keep myself as busy as I can. I started writing about my love for Man Utd and sharing my views. The positive reaction to some of my articles has genuinely surprised me and seems to be growing daily. I have recently been name dropped on some Man Utd YouTube Fan sites such as #fulltimedevils and #theunitedstand and some websites have asked me to submit my articles.   Now I’m certainly no journalist and my views are purely the views of an avid Man Utd fan since 1985. I was a decent footballer in my youth playing for Bedfordshire County and Luton Town Academy Level before moving to Cambridgeshire, but that certainly doesn't qualify me as an expert.. Usually people don't want to hear anything I have an opinion on!! Well that's what my wife and daughter tell me! (Lol). However it would seem people actually enjoy my ramblings.   I have decided to go by the moniker "Red In Bed" because due to my illness I have to be realistic and accept my future lies in bed (no pun intended!) People who read my articles say they are well written and contain interesting content but hey they could be blowing smoke up my behind. Thanks for taking the time to reading this and I would love your views on the article.   Regards,   Dave Poulton (Red In Bed)