How well does your team convert chances? Premier League Stats Comparison


Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the more chances a team creates the more likely they are of scoring. But do the teams creating the most chances score the most goals?

The stats below show the chance conversion rate for each individual team. Not surprisingly, top of the league Manchester United also top the chance conversion table by a long way converting 21% of chances. This is higher than last season (19%) suggesting too many missed chances could have cost them the title last season. The addition of prolific Robin Van Persie, already on 19 league goals, is a major factor in this increase.

At the opposite end of the scale, again unsurprisingly bottom of the league Queens Park Rangers are also bottom here with a mere 8% chance conversion rate. This is a decrease from the 11% they achieved last year when they only just avoided relegation. Last seasons table toppers Manchester City achieved an 18% chance conversion rate last year. This has significantly dropped this year with them only achieving 14% thus far.

Liverpool’s issues last season were well documented as they only had a 9% conversion rate. They’ve improved this season up to 14% which is a pretty big jump. The massive jump would be down to Luis Suarez’ exploits infront of goal – he’s improved from 10% to 18% – again another massive increase.


Clear-Cut Chance Conversion

Moving on from general chances created, if we focus our attention more specifically to clear cut chances created, as shown in the data below, we get some surprising results.

West Ham are this time at the foot of the chart converting only 27% of clear cut chances. However, this isn’t really the surprising part as they are also 18th in the chance conversion rate (12%). Reading top the table with a massive 53%. Considering they are 19th in the league, this is hugely impressive but points to the fact that they’re not creating enough of these else they’d be higher up the table.

Reading also have the 4th best chance conversion rate with 15%. Jimmy Kebe is a major factor in this with his personal chance conversion (36%). Of course, not forgetting ‘super sub’ Adam Le Fondre who has contributed 10 goals this season with a 26% conversion rate.

In conclusion, the data above clearly shows that teams battling bravely against relegation, including Reading and Southampton who face problems in other departments. It can also be said that a lack of goals scored per chances created has caused a huge dent in Manchester City’s chances of retaining the title and if they aren’t to win the league this year, this needs to be addressed to again challenge for silverware.

Manchester United’s Robin van Persie has actually improved his chance conversion by 2% up to 23%. He seems to be the difference in winning the title this season although, in comparison, Edin Dzeko’s chance conversion is at 25% (i.e. better than van Persie’s). The problem is that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has only started Dzeko on 11 occasions this season which is surprising as this season they’ve required a lethal finisher.

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