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Goldbridge Slams Ten Hag Over Man Utd Midfield Mess

Manchester United’s Midfield Misery: Goldbridge’s Scathing Analysis

Goldbridge’s Fury: A Rant on United’s Midfield Choices

Mark Goldbridge, the vociferous pundit from The United Stand, didn’t hold back in his post-match analysis following Manchester United’s disappointing defeat to West Ham. He lambasted the team, especially focusing on Erik ten Hag’s midfield selections, which he deems a significant factor in United’s downfall.

United’s Midfield: The Root of All Problems?

Goldbridge opines that the core issue at Manchester United lies not just in management but significantly within the players, particularly the midfield. He expresses disdain for players he feels are below the standard required at United, saying:

“You’re mid-table standard with mid-table mentality earning big money thinking that it’s not you; it is you.”

Erik ten Hag’s Stubborn Selections

Goldbridge criticises ten Hag’s persistence in fielding a midfield that consistently underperforms. He describes ten Hag’s strategy as “predictable horsesh*t” and “absolutely baffling nonsense,” highlighting the repeated selection of players like McTominay and Bruno, which, in his view, has lead to repeated mid-game disasters.

The Tactical Misstep

Focusing on specific games, Goldbridge points out how ten Hag’s decision to drop Amrabat for McTominay and Bruno was a “big mistake.” He argues that this approach has been failing since the beginning of the season, citing games against Wolves and Newcastle where the same midfield was overrun.


Plea for Change

In a scathing remark, Goldbridge questions ten Hag’s ability to adapt and learn from past mistakes, expressing frustration over the repeated tactical errors. He states:

“It’s Christmas, Erik. You’ve been doing it since August, and it doesn’t work.”

The Final Straw: United’s Loss to West Ham

Goldbridge sums up his frustration with United’s performance against West Ham, a team he describes as “rubbish” but still capable of comfortably beating United. He sees this as a testament to the ineffectiveness of United’s current midfield setup.

Goldbridge’s passionate critique underlines a deep-seated problem at Manchester United – a midfield that, in his eyes, lacks the quality and tactical acumen to compete at the highest level. His message is clear: significant changes are needed, both in personnel and strategy, to restore Manchester United to its former glory.

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