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Everton Challenge Calvert-Lewin Red Card Decision

Everton’s Fight for Justice: The Calvert-Lewin Red Card Appeal

The Controversial Decision

The FA Cup clash at Crystal Palace witnessed a moment of contention that has put Everton at the heart of a major debate in football’s disciplinary processes. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, the Toffees’ forward, faced a controversial red card in the 79th minute of the goalless third-round tie. The decision was made following a VAR review, leading to Everton’s immediate appeal against the dismissal.

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The Incident in Question

During the game, Calvert-Lewin was involved in a challenge with Crystal Palace’s Nathaniel Clyne. It was a high-stakes moment, with Calvert-Lewin’s studs inadvertently making minimal contact with Clyne’s shin. Initially, referee Chris Kavanagh saw no reason for a card, but the intervention of VAR Michael Salisbury urged a second look. The subsequent review on the monitor led to a red card, a decision that Everton and many fans found perplexing and harsh.

Everton’s Stance

Everton, standing firmly behind their player, have officially notified the Football Association of their decision to appeal. The club’s move reflects not just a defence of Calvert-Lewin but also challenges the effectiveness and consistency of VAR in the English game. This appeal is as much about seeking justice for an individual incident as it is about questioning broader issues within football officiating.

Dyche’s Frustration

Sean Dyche, Everton’s manager, did not hide his displeasure post-match. His comments reflected the frustration felt by many in the football world regarding VAR’s role. “I have no clue what that [monitor] is there for,” Dyche stated, expressing his bewilderment at the process that leads to such decisions. He continued, “Every fan must be going ‘what is the point?’ We all know the outcome, they are going to agree with everything they’re being told.”

Dyche, a self-proclaimed supporter of VAR, pointed out that while the technology had shown signs of progress, recent developments seem to be a step backwards. His patience is being tested, mirroring the sentiments of many observers who believe that VAR, in its current state, might be doing more harm than good to the game.

Awaiting the Verdict

As Everton await the verdict on their appeal, the wider football community will be watching closely. The outcome could have significant implications, not just for Everton and Calvert-Lewin but also for the future use of VAR in the Premier League. This incident has reignited the debate over technology’s role in football and whether it serves the interests of the game or undermines the authority of on-field referees.


Everton’s appeal against Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s red card is more than just about one player or one match. It’s a statement against the inconsistencies plaguing VAR and its impact on the game. The football world watches, waiting to see if justice will prevail in a system increasingly scrutinized for its effectiveness and fairness.

James Nalton
James Nalton
James is a football writer and reporter for the Morning Star newspaper, reporting mainly on Liverpool, Manchester City, & Everton, as well as a weekly column on European/world football. He is the editor of The Botafogo Star, Crossing The Pond, and World Football Index
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