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Gary Cahill: “The Best Player I Played With”

Eden Hazard: The Ultimate Game-Changer – A Tribute by Gary Cahill

In an exclusive interview with Parimatch, former Chelsea captain Gary Cahill has paid a glowing tribute to Eden Hazard, describing him as the best player he has ever shared the pitch with. Cahill’s insights offer a rare glimpse into the world of professional football, highlighting Hazard’s remarkable talent and impact.

Hazard’s Unmatched Natural Ability

Cahill’s admiration for Hazard is rooted in his extraordinary natural ability, which he believes set him apart from other top-tier players. “He went out and just played with a smile on his face, almost as if he were just playing in the park with his mates,” Cahill recalls. This approach, combined with Hazard’s skill to single-handedly turn games around, not only left his teammates in awe but also mesmerised fans globally. “People would come to the stadium… just to watch him play,” Cahill added, emphasising Hazard’s magnetic appeal.

Surprising Turn at Real Madrid

Despite Hazard’s undeniable prowess, his move to Real Madrid didn’t pan out as expected, a point that Cahill finds both surprising and regrettable. “It is a shame and a surprise that things didn’t turn out the way he would’ve wanted them to at Real Madrid,” he said. This sentiment echoes the feelings of many fans and analysts who had high hopes for Hazard’s career trajectory.

Legendary Moments at Chelsea

Cahill’s journey with Chelsea is studded with unforgettable moments, with the Champions League Final topping the list. “My favourite memory at Chelsea will always be the Champions League Final,” he shared. The victory, a testament to teamwork and perseverance, was a career-defining moment for Cahill. He also amusingly recounts the post-victory celebrations, including a memorable incident with Didier Drogba, which nearly led to him losing his winner’s medal. “It was amazing! Didier picked me up above his head and threw me in the pool, but when I came back up my medal wasn’t around my neck. I had a split second of panic thinking that I had lost my Champions League winners medal less than 12 hours after winning it! Thankfully, it was lying at the bottom of the pool so I went down and grabbed it.”

Impact Beyond the Pitch

Hazard’s influence extended beyond his on-field performances. He became a player fans paid to watch, a testament to his incredible skill and charisma. “He probably came to watch Eden rather than me,” Cahill jests about his father’s visits to Chelsea matches. This level of admiration and respect from both fans and peers cements Hazard’s legacy as one of football’s greats.

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