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Report: Behind Man City’s Treble Win – Netflix Exclusive

Manchester City: Light and Shade in ‘Together: Treble Winners’

Manchester City’s enthralling journey to an unprecedented treble in the 2022-23 season is brilliantly captured in Netflix’s latest offering, ‘Together: Treble Winners.’ Launching on the platform on Tuesday, 2 April, this six-part documentary series unveils a different aspect of the Sky Blues, showcasing a blend of camaraderie and competitive edge that powered their historic triumphs in the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League.

Beneath the Surface: More Than Just Football

Contrary to some football documentaries that delve deep into controversy, ‘Together: Treble Winners’ highlights the Manchester City squad’s lighter, more human elements. Viewers searching for details on the club’s financial charges or Joao Cancelo’s exit will find these topics conspicuously absent. Instead, the series, created by City’s media team, offers an insightful look into the players’ personalities and team dynamics.

Inside the Locker Room: Unity and Humour

Erling Haaland’s playful jibes at Kevin de Bruyne’s fashion sense, the amiable wrestling between Scott Carson and Ilkay Gundogan, and Bernardo Silva’s endearing reason for naming his dog after John Stones all serve to humanize these elite athletes. We also witness a stern Pep Guardiola during a winter form slump, but these moments are more about leadership than discord, reflecting a fraternal harmony within the squad. Khaldoon Al Mubarak’s closing remarks about the team’s “special togetherness” effectively encapsulate the spirit that permeates the documentary.

A Contrast to Past Narratives

This approach is a notable shift from the tension-laden narratives of other behind-the-scenes series like Amazon Prime’s All Or Nothing. It’s more in line with lighter, character-focused sports documentaries, emphasizing the players’ lives and personalities rather than just their on-field exploits.

Unforgettable Moments from the Series

Guardiola’s Rallying Cry

“We’re not hungry enough,” Guardiola asserts in a pivotal moment, pushing his team to reclaim their edge against a formidable Arsenal side. His ability to motivate and instil a winning mentality is a highlight of the series.

Photo: IMAGO

Calm in the Storm

Guardiola’s serene demeanour during the nerve-wracking Champions League final against Inter Milan stands out. His reassurance to Rodri, who later scores the winning goal, is a testament to his masterful man-management.

Embracing the Battle

In a league clash with Arsenal, Guardiola encourages his players to relish the game’s physical challenges, underlining the toughness and resilience required at the top level of football.

Haaland: The Showman

Erling Haaland’s impact is felt both on and off the pitch. His unique connection with a bonsai tree, humorous imitations, and unorthodox initiation song add a vibrant layer to his character portrayal.

Silva’s Canine Tribute

Bernardo Silva’s heartfelt reasoning behind naming his dog after John Stones offers a glimpse into the strong bonds formed within the team. These personal touches enrich the narrative.


De Bruyne’s Relatable Style

Kevin de Bruyne’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to dressing, driven by his responsibilities as a father, is refreshingly relatable and endears him further to the audience.

The Enigma of Phillips

Kalvin Phillips’ limited first-team involvement remains a mystery. Despite being a background figure in the series, his presence in team interactions suggests an unseen story.

Final Thoughts

‘Together: Treble Winners’ offers an engaging, character-driven portrayal of Manchester City’s historic season. It skillfully balances the demands of sports storytelling with the need for SEO optimization, focusing on keywords like ‘Man City’, ‘documentary’, and ‘Netflix.’ Its accessible format, combined with a deep dive into the squad’s dynamics, makes it an essential watch for football enthusiasts and a sterling example of modern sports documentary filmmaking.

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