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Alan Smith: Saliba & Gabriel Match Arsenal’s Best?

Arsenal’s Defence: The Saliba and Gabriel Story

In a candid interview provided by InstantCasino, Alan Smith, the ex-Arsenal forward, delves into the significance of William Saliba and Gabriel’s partnership in Arsenal’s defensive lineup. Their standout performances have become the bedrock of Arsenal’s current campaign, but Smith insists that their legacy hinges on securing silverware.

Solidifying Arsenal’s Defence

Smith doesn’t mince words about the impact of Saliba and Gabriel, stating, “It’s a fantastic partnership. We eulogise about William Saliba because he’s a Rolls-Royce of a player who makes the game look easy, but Gabriel has never played better in an Arsenal shirt than at the moment.” This partnership, according to Smith, is on par with the greatest in Arsenal’s history, yet he adds a critical perspective: “But you need to win something to be mentioned in the same breath as Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, Steve Bould, and Tony Adams.”

The potential of Saliba and Gabriel is clear to Smith, who believes they’re integral to Arsenal’s quest for greatness. “They’ve certainly got the ability and they’re part of a team that could achieve amazing things,” he says, underlining the importance of tangible achievements to cement their legacy.

The Invincibles Comparison

When the conversation shifts to comparing Saliba and Gabriel with Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ era, Smith offers a nuanced take. “Good question! You can’t answer that really. There’s more of a ball-playing ability there, but then again, the demands of football have changed a little bit.” Smith praises the duo’s skills but respects the different eras and challenges faced by past and present players.

The Emerging Talent: Cole Palmer

Focusing on England’s setup, Smith discusses Bukayo Saka’s position and the emerging talent of Cole Palmer. “Yes, it is! Cole Palmer has to get into that England squad,” Smith says about Palmer’s threat to Saka’s starting role, highlighting Palmer’s exceptional performance for Chelsea. He views this competition as beneficial, pushing Saka to elevate his game further.

Martinelli’s Crucial Role

Despite Gabriel Martinelli’s recent form dip, Smith is optimistic about his impact. “There’s been a decline in form… At one stage I’d say Arsenal were dependent on him,” Smith acknowledges, yet he sees Martinelli as a vital piece in Arsenal’s pursuit of success. “I think he can still play a massive part in Arsenal’s season,” Smith asserts, pointing out Martinelli’s potential to turn the tide when fully fit.

Wrapping Up

Through Alan Smith’s lens, the narratives of Saliba and Gabriel’s ascendancy, the intriguing dynamics within the England squad, and Martinelli’s possible resurgence encapsulate the complexities and excitement of football. Their stories are a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and the indelible mark of success on a player’s legacy.

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