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Jamie Carragher: Everton at Risk with AWOL Owner

Everton’s Ownership Crisis: Insights from Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football

Urgency of Ownership Resolution

Jamie Carragher, on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, expressed critical concerns about Everton’s ongoing ownership issues. Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Carragher stated, “It never rains but it pours… the Takeover Saga and where this ownership is going is much more important [than the point deduction]… I’m not the most popular at the moment with the Everton fans in terms of how they see the point deduction. I put most of that blame at the club’s feet… in terms of what the ownership have done over the last few years.”

Current Ownership and Financial Turmoil

Discussing the financial instability, Carragher pointed out the precarious position Everton finds itself due to its ownership. “Everton have got an owner right now who’s basically gone AWOL. Moshiri is gone, it’s almost like he’s not in charge of the club and there’s a group, 777 Partners, who are basically propping up the club. They are paying £20-25 million a month to keep the club afloat,” he explained. This highlights the dire need for stable and committed ownership to steer the club back to stability.

Critical Take on the Premier League’s Role

Carragher did not hold back on his critique of the Premier League’s involvement and its impact on Everton’s predicament. “You see what Chelsea have done in terms of selling hotels basically themselves to make sure they pass the PSR. I think they are a bit of a joke and you can understand the frustration from Everton… the Premier League are probably in a position right now where they’re looking at them and saying are these fit and proper owners?”

Potential Outcomes and Future Prospects

Reflecting on the future, Carragher remains hopeful yet realistic about the challenges Everton faces. “I’m really passionate about Everton and football in our city. We need two Premier League clubs and we need whoever the owner is… to finish that stadium. I think it will transform Everton football club and it’ll be fantastic for our city. But the new ownership is much more important than a point deduction and this needs to be sorted out right away.”

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Jamie Carragher’s commentary from this segment of Monday Night Football not only sheds light on the deep-seated issues at Everton but also serves as a call to action for all stakeholders involved. The need for robust, responsible leadership is clear if Everton is to navigate out of these troubled waters and towards a more stable and prosperous future.


The insights provided by Carragher underline the pressing need for transparency, accountability, and strategic foresight in football club management. As Everton continues to grapple with these challenges, the wider football community watches and waits, hoping for a resolution that secures the club’s future both on and off the pitch.

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