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‘Very Important’ Brighton Duo Sign New Contracts

Brighton Secures Vital Experience: Milner and Welbeck Commit to New Deals

Brighton has made a significant move in retaining its veteran talents, as former England internationals James Milner and Danny Welbeck sign new contracts to extend their stay at the club. This development promises to bolster the squad with invaluable experience and proven quality.

Milner’s Continued Legacy

At 38, midfielder James Milner has not only brought immense experience to Brighton but also a remarkable record of Premier League appearances. Currently second on the all-time list, Milner is on the brink of surpassing Gareth Barry’s record, needing just 20 more games to make history. Despite recent injury struggles that have kept him from adding to his 633 appearances since January, Milner is poised to return with vigour for the 2024-25 season.

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In his own words, Milner shared, “I am as driven as I’ve ever been and I’m excited for next season. I really enjoyed the first half of this season as the club played in Europe for the first time, while the second half has personally been disappointing with a couple of injuries.”

Welbeck’s Impact at Brighton

Danny Welbeck, the 33-year-old forward, has been a key figure for Brighton since joining in October 2020. With a tally of 25 goals in 123 appearances in all competitions, his impact has been palpable. The forward, who has previously adorned the jerseys of Manchester United and Arsenal, expressed optimism about the future at Brighton, stating, “Each season has been special and we’ve progressed every year.”

He added, “A couple more key acquisitions for the squad will help us push on next season and I am pretty sure we can achieve some more special moments.”

Leadership On and Off the Pitch

Brighton’s manager, Roberto de Zerbi, expressed his satisfaction in securing the futures of two of Brighton’s most experienced and influential players. Their roles extend beyond the field, contributing significantly to the team’s dynamics and morale, especially with the departure of Adam Lallana. De Zerbi noted, “Their qualities as footballers and also as individuals are very clear for everyone to see.”

“They have both been very important for the club on and off the pitch, and with Adam Lallana leaving us their contribution becomes even more crucial next season.”

A Bright Future Ahead

The re-signing of James Milner and Danny Welbeck is a testament to Brighton’s strategic approach to building a competitive and cohesive team. Their experience will be crucial in mentoring younger players and enhancing the team’s performance in domestic and European competitions.

As Brighton looks to the future, the blend of youth and experience within their ranks, driven by strategic signings and a clear vision, sets a promising stage for the seasons to come.

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