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Former Everton Star Backs Anthony Gordon to Make Liverpool Switch

Exploring Anthony Gordon’s Potential £100m Move to Liverpool

A Surprise Move? Not Really!

According to Pat Nevin’s commentary for Prime Slots UK, the football world might be on the brink of witnessing another massive transfer, this time involving Everton’s Anthony Gordon and a possible £100 million move to Liverpool. Such a fee might sound astronomical to some, but for those familiar with Gordon’s capabilities, it could be considered a bargain. As Nevin noted, “I don’t think Evertonians have forgiven him for what happened at the end of his career there yet!” This statement reflects the mixed emotions Everton fans likely harbour due to Gordon’s potential departure and his impactful performances.

Anthony Gordon: A Rarity in Modern Football

Gordon, who has been likened to Jack Grealish pre-Manchester City move, brings an exceptional skill set that justifies the hefty price tag. Nevin explains, “He breaks lines all the time and he reminds me of Jack Grealish before he went to Manchester City from Aston Villa.” This ability to disrupt defensive lines and push forward aggressively makes Gordon a valuable asset on the field. Unlike typical wingers who might pull back at crucial moments, Gordon’s playstyle involves pushing the envelope, constantly challenging the opposition’s defence. As Nevin aptly puts it, “You don’t pay 100 million quid for a winger to stop and turn back, you pay that money for someone that can break lines, drag people across and create.”

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Addressing Liverpool’s Forward Planning

Liverpool’s interest in Gordon can be seen as a strategic move to prepare for a future without their current stars like Mohamed Salah, who, despite his undeniable talent, won’t be around forever. Nevin questions, “How long has Mo Salah got left at Liverpool, and is he still as dynamic as he once was back in the day?” This highlights the need for Liverpool to think ahead and scout talents who can carry the team’s offensive threat in the future. Gordon, with his ability to “go by people, create and also score,” seems like a natural fit for a team looking to maintain its high standards.

Financial Implications and the Future

The discussion about the financial aspect of football transfers is never far from controversial. However, investing in a player like Gordon could prove to be more than just a financial gamble—it could be a statement of intent from Liverpool about their commitment to staying at the top of English football. Nevin’s comparison of Gordon to Kylian Mbappe, in terms of their ability to influence games, is a testament to the young winger’s potential. He states, “These players are a rarity in modern football and that is who the money is being spent on.”

In conclusion, while some may balk at the £100 million fee, those who have seen Gordon play will understand the investment. His style, skill, and potential impact at Liverpool could indeed be worth every penny. As Nevin confidently puts it, “It would not shock me at all, because I think he is that good.” Liverpool’s potential acquisition of Gordon could be the beginning of a new era at Anfield, one where fresh legs and young talent like Gordon’s continue to dazzle fans just as their current heroes have.

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