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Heung-Min Son Calls for Spurs Fans to Back Ange Postecoglou

Son Calls for Unity: A Fresh Start for Tottenham Under Postecoglou

Tottenham Hotspur’s recent loss to Manchester City not only dashed their hopes for a top-four finish but also highlighted the pressing need for a unified approach as they navigate the early stages of Ange Postecoglou’s tenure. Despite the setback, Spurs captain Heung-min Son remains resolutely optimistic about the club’s future, urging fans, players, and staff to rally behind their new head coach. The Evening Standard‘s exclusive interview with Son provides a compelling insight into the potential transformation awaiting Tottenham.

Postecoglou’s Positive Impact

In his first year at Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou has already made a significant impression, bringing a fresh perspective and a new style of play. “We should understand it’s the gaffer’s first year and he brought so much positivity and different football,” Son told The Evening Standard. This season has been a learning curve for both the team and their supporters, adapting to Postecoglou’s dynamic and attacking philosophy.

Son’s endorsement of Postecoglou is unequivocal. “I’m all in. I’m loving the way he wants to play. It’s the first time I’ve experienced it,” he shared. This wholehearted support from a key player like Son is crucial, as it signals a strong internal belief in the manager’s vision and methods.

The Need for Unity

One of the standout themes from Son’s interview is the call for unity within the club. He emphasizes that success under Postecoglou will require collective effort and support from everyone involved with Tottenham Hotspur. “Everybody — the club, the players, also the fans — everybody has to step up, because we have to be all together in this. He’s definitely shown he can bring success to the club.”

This plea for unity is particularly poignant given the recent atmosphere around the club. Postecoglou himself hinted at concerns about the club’s internal culture, suggesting that fragility exists “outside [the club], inside, everywhere.” It’s a sentiment echoed by Son, who believes that overcoming these internal challenges is vital for future success.


Reflecting on the City Defeat

The defeat to Manchester City was a tough pill to swallow for Spurs fans, but it wasn’t without its positives. In a match characterized by a tense and subdued atmosphere, Tottenham delivered one of their most committed performances since November. They held City at bay until the second half, when Erling Haaland’s two goals sealed their fate.

Reflecting on the match, Son said, “As players, we all wanted to do our best for the club and for us [against City]. We really didn’t care about anything else. We only concentrated on what’s best for us, for the team.” This focus and determination are what Spurs need to channel consistently moving forward.

One of the defining moments of the game was Son’s breakaway in the 85th minute, only to be thwarted by City’s substitute goalkeeper Stefan Ortega. It was a moment that could have altered the course of the game. “I’m also human,” said Son. “The keeper made a really good decision and made himself really big. But I take the responsibility not to score that big chance for the team, because the team was working really hard and trying to get a good result.”

Looking Ahead

Despite the disappointment, the future holds promise for Tottenham under Postecoglou. The final game of the season against already-relegated Sheffield United presents an opportunity to secure a fifth-placed finish and a spot in the Europa League next season. A point will be enough to ensure this, providing a tangible goal to close out the campaign.

Son’s optimism and commitment to the cause are infectious. “I know it’s early to say, but we’ve got to do so much better for next season, because I still believe he can bring so much success to the club,” he stated. This belief in Postecoglou’s potential to transform Tottenham is a rallying cry for everyone associated with the club.

As Spurs look to the future, the foundation of their success will be built on unity, hard work, and a shared belief in their new manager’s vision. The journey under Postecoglou is just beginning, and with the right support, Tottenham can look forward to brighter days ahead.

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