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Ange Postecoglou Gives Strong Response to Spurs Fans After Man City Defeat

Postecoglou’s Toughest Night: Manchester City Defeat and Tottenham’s Top-Four Dreams

In the wake of Tottenham Hotspur’s crushing defeat to Manchester City, manager Ange Postecoglou described the experience as his “worst” in football management. The loss not only dashed Spurs’ hopes of a top-four finish but also threw into sharp relief the complex emotions of fans torn between supporting their team and inadvertently aiding rivals Arsenal’s title ambitions.

Postecoglou’s Anxiety and Integrity

Postecoglou candidly revealed his fears about the potential backlash from Spurs supporters. The Australian stated, “That is probably the worst experience I’ve had as a football manager in a game.” He was deeply concerned that a heavy defeat to Pep Guardiola’s side would lead to questions about his integrity and dedication.

Reflecting on his pre-match sentiments, Postecoglou admitted, “I hold my hands up, I got it wrong. I sat here the day before and I mocked the whole thing because I really didn’t believe that was the case.” He confessed that realising the true atmosphere among the fans and the potential for a humiliating defeat left him in “cold sweats.”


The Australian was apprehensive about facing the best team in the world, particularly given Manchester City’s dominant form. “They scored 15, 16 goals in the last four games,” he noted, adding that the thought of a 5-0 thrashing was deeply unsettling. “Even watching the game back, there was a comment somebody mentioned to me in commentary saying, ‘Tottenham are having a real go here.’ You are laughing about it, but that is 26 years of my life.”

Spurs Fans’ Conflicted Emotions

Before the match, Postecoglou was dismissive of the idea that fans would be conflicted about supporting their team. However, he later recognised his error. “If nothing else, people should know about me, I love this game. I’m very principled,” he said, stressing his commitment to always striving for victory. “I would hate to think, as Manchester City could have done to us, we are on the end of a heavy defeat and people would be questioning whether I prepared the team.”

Despite his earlier dismissal of the fans’ conflict, Postecoglou maintained that his belief in unwavering support had not wavered. “But if that’s how people feel and again I can’t because I am not a Spurs supporter. They are and this is their football club. They are the custodians, not me.”

Confrontation with a Fan

During the match, tensions boiled over when Postecoglou confronted a supporter using abusive language behind the dugout. The supporter was ejected, but Postecoglou expressed a willingness to welcome him back, provided he remained respectful. “If you’re going to sit behind the bench, especially in a home game, you’ve got to be respectful, you’re in earshot of the most important people,” he said. “He wasn’t happy we just conceded a goal, so I turned around to find out what his problem was and he used language that he shouldn’t and he was abusive and if I hear that I don’t care who it is I will deal with it.”

Moving Forward

Looking ahead, Postecoglou remains undeterred in his mission to succeed at Tottenham. The season finale against Sheffield United looms, with Spurs needing a point to secure fifth place. Despite describing Spurs’ foundations as “pretty fragile” following the City defeat, Postecoglou’s resolve has not diminished. “I’ve been determined since day one, that hasn’t changed,” he affirmed. “I think when you accept a role you accept the challenge of that role, and nothing that’s happened in the last few weeks has changed my view of how we go about that.”

Postecoglou’s reflection on the Manchester City defeat underscores his commitment to integrity and his unyielding dedication to Tottenham Hotspur, even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

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