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Newcastle vs Tottenham: A Friendly Down Under

Newcastle vs Tottenham: A Thrilling End-of-Season Showdown in Australia

An Unwinding Post-Season Battle

Just days after the Premier League season curtain call, Newcastle and Tottenham are not yet ready to hang up their boots. Instead, they are preparing to light up the Melbourne Cricket Ground with an engaging post-season friendly. This prompt match-up in Australia has garnered significant criticism for its timing—coming right on the heels of a demanding season and just before a busy summer of international football.

Critical Views on the Scheduling

The decision to travel down under so swiftly after the season end has not been well-received in all quarters. England manager Gareth Southgate voiced his concerns, labeling it as “not good news.” For Kieran Trippier, the timing of the trip was “not ideal”, reflecting a sentiment of inconvenient scheduling amidst necessary rest periods.

Team Performances Leading Up to the Friendly

Both teams wrapped up their Premier League campaigns on a winning note. Tottenham secured the fifth spot with a decisive victory against Sheffield United, while Newcastle clinched the seventh position by comfortably defeating Brentford. As the teams prepare for their Australian outing, the stakes remain high, not for points but for pride and preparation for the next season.

Event Details and Viewing Information

The match is set for a 10:45am BST start on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. Fans eager to catch every moment can tune into Tottenham’s video streaming service, SPURSPLAY. The service is available for an annual fee of £45, with a discounted rate of £35 for season-ticket holders and One Hotspur Members. This international friendly not only offers the teams a chance to unwind but also provides fans with one more football treat before the off-season.

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