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Report: Arsenal Interested in Hijacking Arne Slot’s £10m Liverpool Target

Arsenal’s Goalkeeping Strategy: The Chase for Justin Bijlow

In the bustling transfer market, Arsenal’s quest for a new backup goalkeeper has become a focal point. With Mikel Arteta gearing up for a potential farewell to Aaron Ramsdale, the club’s eyes have turned towards Justin Bijlow, the highly-rated Feyenoord keeper. As noted by John Cross in The Mirror, Arsenal’s approach in this summer’s transfer window could significantly reshape their squad.

Strategic Shift at the Emirates

Arsenal is set to confirm David Raya’s position as their first-choice goalkeeper following a successful loan from Brentford, highlighted by his winning of the Premier League’s Golden Glove award. Raya’s ability to play out from the back has been a crucial aspect of his game, fitting seamlessly into Arteta’s tactical blueprint.

However, the impending departure of Ramsdale raises questions about the depth and readiness of Arsenal’s goalkeeping roster. “Arsenal allowed Arthur Okonkwo to leave while Karl Hein looks set to be No.3 but they need a backup, and Bijlow is the perfect fit,” Cross remarks. The need for a solid second-choice keeper who can step up when needed is evident, and Bijlow, with his skills and lower market value, appears to be a prime candidate.

Arsenal’s Interest in Bijlow: Timing and Opportunity

The timing of Arsenal’s interest in Bijlow is particularly intriguing. Last summer, the Dutch international was on Manchester United’s radar, but his £22 million price tag was a deterrent. Now, potentially available for around £10 million due to contract duration and recent injuries, he represents a more feasible option. “Bijlow could be available for around the £10m mark as he has two years left on his contract and has had a couple of injury setbacks which means he is no longer Dutch No.1 but is still highly regarded,” Cross explains.

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Despite these setbacks, Bijlow’s reputation remains strong. Known for his capability in playing out from the back and his prowess in one-on-one situations, he aligns well with the modern goalkeeping profile that top clubs seek.

Competition and Considerations

Liverpool’s new manager Arne Slot is also reportedly interested in Bijlow, adding an interesting layer of competition. Slot’s familiarity with Bijlow from their time at Feyenoord might seem to give Liverpool an edge, yet, as Cross points out, “there is a feeling he may have other targets and areas to strengthen.” This hesitancy could be Arsenal’s gain, especially as Slot might avoid signing Dutch players initially to prevent typecasting in the transfer market.

Arsenal’s need for a reliable backup is made more urgent by the potential destinations for Ramsdale, with Newcastle and Chelsea among the clubs keeping a watchful eye. “Ramsdale’s value will surely have increased after his time at Arsenal as he was signed for £24m-plus,” suggests Cross. This situation underscores the strategic nature of Arsenal’s pursuit of Bijlow, balancing immediate needs with future market possibilities.

Should Arsenal Make the Move?

The case for Arsenal securing Bijlow is strong. His technical skills, lower market valuation, and Arteta’s strategic reshaping of the team suggest a good fit. However, the club must weigh his injury history and the potential adaptation period in the Premier League.

As Cross poses the question to readers, “Your turn! Should Arsenal sign Justin Bijlow for £10million?” — the answer might hinge on Arsenal’s confidence in their existing options and their ambitions for the coming seasons.


Arsenal’s approach to securing a backup for David Raya could define their readiness for competitive challenges ahead. With Bijlow, Arsenal might find not just a capable backup but a potential future first-choice, providing both depth and value. As the transfer window progresses, the decisions made now could very well shape the future trajectory of the club.

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