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Report: Barcelona Target Thiago and Martínez for Key Leadership Roles

Barça’s Pursuit of Bilingual Leaders: A Strategic Move for Locker Room Harmony

The quest for harmony in the locker room is a vital part of any football club’s strategy. According to a recent article from AS, Barcelona are actively seeking former players who can bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps within the team. The club’s technical secretariat has identified several potential candidates, including Thiago Alcántara, Marc Bartra, and Javi Martínez. This move is driven by the desire to enhance team cohesion and ensure smooth communication, both on and off the pitch.

Targeting Experienced Leaders

Barcelona’s focus is on players nearing the end of their careers who are fluent in both German and Spanish. This dual-language proficiency is essential for facilitating direct communication with the squad. The ideal candidates would serve as liaisons between the coaching staff, specifically Hansi Flick, and the players, ensuring that strategies and instructions are clearly understood and implemented.

The technical secretariat, led by Deco, has highlighted Thiago Alcántara as a prime candidate. Thiago, who will be leaving Liverpool at the end of June, is only 33 and still has the potential to contribute actively on the field. His seven years at Bayern Munich under Flick’s management have made him proficient in German, which is a crucial asset for this role. As AS reports, “Thiago played at a high level with Flick at Bayern and immersed himself in German during his seven years in Munich (2013-2020).”

Assessing the Alternatives

Apart from Thiago, Barcelona is also considering Marc Bartra and Javi Martínez. Bartra, another product of La Masia, spent two years at Borussia Dortmund and has a good command of German. However, his fluency is not as strong as Thiago’s. On the other hand, Javi Martínez, who currently plays in Qatar, spent nine years at Bayern Munich. Although his German skills are solid, his age (35) and the fact that he is closer to retirement may make him a less viable option compared to Thiago or Bartra.

As AS mentions, “Javi Martínez, 35 years old, is nearing the end of his football career in Qatar. He spent nine years in Munich (2012-2021) and is also on the list managed by Barça of possible assistants for Flick.”

The Challenges Ahead

The club is aware that securing the right candidate is not straightforward. Thiago, while an ideal fit, presents challenges due to his contract situation and the initial pessimism from his camp upon contact. Despite these hurdles, the club recognizes the importance of having a figure who can support Flick with robust football knowledge, a good rapport with the players, and impeccable language skills.

Furthermore, other names have surfaced in the search, including Ivan Rakitić, who also boasts fluency in German and Spanish and has a history with Barça. However, Rakitić is currently playing in Saudi Arabia, and the feasibility of his return is uncertain.

Barcelona’s efforts reflect a strategic approach to fortifying the team’s internal dynamics. By bringing in someone who can effectively communicate and resonate with the players, they aim to create a more cohesive and harmonious environment. This move underscores the importance of linguistic and cultural fluency in modern football, where diverse squads require more than just tactical alignment but also seamless interpersonal connections.

The club’s initiative is not just about filling a role but about ensuring that Hansi Flick has the necessary support to execute his vision effectively. As the article from AS highlights, “What is clear is that Flick needs to be protected in the environment with someone who has football knowledge, presence in the locker room, and total command of German and Spanish.”


Barcelona’s pursuit of bilingual former players to bridge cultural and linguistic divides within the team is a commendable and strategic move. By potentially securing the likes of Thiago Alcántara, Marc Bartra, or Javi Martínez, the club aims to enhance team unity and ensure effective communication. This initiative not only supports Hansi Flick’s managerial efforts but also reinforces the importance of comprehensive communication in achieving footballing success.

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