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Everton’s Financial Woes: A Closer Look at Potential Sales

Everton’s Financial Troubles: A Closer Look at the Potential Sale and Bargains

Everton Football Club has found itself in a challenging financial situation, leading to intense discussions about potential player sales and the future of the club. In a recent episode of talkSPORT, hosted by Sam Matterface with guests Kieran Maguire and Darragh MacAnthony, the intricacies of Everton’s financial woes were laid bare.

Everton’s Financial Challenges

The talkSPORT discussion began with Sam Matterface addressing the backlash from Everton fans regarding previous comments about the club’s financial status. Darragh MacAnthony shared his experience with similar situations, emphasising the importance of responsible media reporting. “Sometimes clarity would be good,” MacAnthony stated, pointing out the need for club officials to communicate openly with their fans.

Kieran Maguire, co-host of the Price of Football podcast, provided an in-depth analysis of Everton’s financial situation. “Everton owe a lot of money to a lot of parties,” Maguire noted. He explained that despite these debts, the club’s short-term cash flow issues might not be as dire as reported, thanks to anticipated merit payments from the Premier League. Everton’s ability to manage these payments will be crucial in the coming months.

Ownership and Potential Sale

One of the key points discussed was the ownership of Everton and the potential sale of the club. Farhad Moshiri, the current owner, has reportedly stopped his financial support, raising concerns about the club’s future. “Moshiri has turned his taps off,” said Maguire, highlighting the significant impact this has on the club’s financial stability.

The discussion also touched on the complexities of a potential sale. With Everton’s debt estimated to be around £600 million, plus an additional £150 million needed to complete their new stadium, the asking price is steep. MacAnthony remarked, “For a top Premier League club with Everton’s history, $1 billion is an absolute bargain,” underscoring the potential long-term value for any new owner.

Impact on Players and the Market

The possibility of a ‘fire sale’ of players was another critical topic. Both Maguire and MacAnthony stressed that selling key players to balance the books would be detrimental. “Players may have to be sold for PSR compliance,” Maguire explained, referencing the need to meet Premier League financial regulations. This could mean selling valuable young talent like Jarrad Branthwaite, which would help improve the club’s financial standing but weaken the team on the pitch.

MacAnthony voiced his frustration with the media’s portrayal of Everton’s situation, stating, “The word ‘fire sale’ is irresponsible.” He called for more thoughtful reporting and for the club’s management to provide clear and honest updates to the fans.


The future of Everton Football Club hangs in the balance as they navigate their financial troubles. The insights from the talkSPORT episode featuring Kieran Maguire and Darragh MacAnthony shed light on the complexities and potential outcomes for the club. Clear communication from Everton’s management, strategic financial planning, and responsible media reporting will be crucial in the coming months.

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