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Report: Laporta Reveals Reasons for Barcelona Coaching Change

Laporta Explains Xavi’s Departure from Barcelona

The End of an Era for Xavi

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has shed light on the events leading to the dismissal of Xavi Hernández. The departure came after a notable shift in Xavi’s stance regarding the team’s capabilities and future prospects. Despite his recent successes, including winning La Liga and the Supercopa, Xavi’s time at the helm came to an abrupt end due to a fundamental disagreement with Laporta over the squad’s strength.

The Disagreement Unfolds

In an interview with the club’s in-house network, Barca One, Laporta detailed the circumstances that led to Xavi’s exit. “Xavi did a good job,” Laporta emphasised. “He took over the team at a time of maximum difficulty. Last year he won La Liga and the Super Cup. This season, things have not gone well, to the point that Xavi said he would not continue. I accepted it at the end of the season because Xavi is a Cule at heart and it was better not to change coaches in the middle of the season.”


Laporta revealed that after initially stepping down, Xavi had a change of heart and asked to stay on. “Then he asked us to continue and I asked him if he believed in the team and he told me he did. What changed? He didn’t seem able to continue withstanding the pressure,” Laporta explained. “There was a press conference in which he changed his discourse and a meeting with the sporting director in which he changed his requests. That made me think that the squad needed a fresh boost.”

Hansi Flick Steps In

Amidst the turmoil, Laporta considered alternative options for the managerial position and found Hansi Flick to be a fitting successor. “We had the option of Hansi Flick, who seems capable of competing against anyone with this squad. That was decisive,” Laporta said. “I think we have finished in a very elegant way with Xavi. He has kept his word, and so have we. We have reached an agreement.”

Looking Ahead with Flick

Laporta expressed confidence in Flick’s ability to lead Barcelona forward. “Out of respect for Xavi we slowed down our process, so as not to distract the team with the search for a new coach,” Laporta explained. “We didn’t want to distract the team, with a Champions League quarter-final ahead of us.”

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Laporta had initiated talks with Flick while he was still committed to the German national team. “I had already spoken with Flick, but he had signed with the German team and wanted to respect his commitment. When Xavi said that he would not continue, Flick was studying the squad and the best way to take advantage of it,” Laporta elaborated. “When we rethought the continuity of Xavi, Deco and Bojan met with Flick and when he told us yes, we believed that he was the best and most capable.”

A New Chapter for Barcelona

As Barcelona transition into this new phase under Flick, the club hopes to revitalise its fortunes on the pitch. Xavi’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter, but Laporta’s strategic move to bring in Flick reflects a forward-looking approach aimed at sustaining Barcelona’s competitive edge.

In conclusion, the departure of Xavi Hernández from Barcelona, while surprising, underscores the challenging dynamics at play within top football clubs. With Hansi Flick at the helm, Laporta and Barcelona are poised to navigate the future with renewed ambition and strategic clarity.

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