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Report: Should Man United Replace Erik Ten Hag for this Former PSG Boss?

Ten Hag vs. Pochettino: The Future of Manchester United


The Manchester United fanbase is currently in a state of turmoil regarding the future of their manager, Erik ten Hag. With rumours swirling around the potential sacking of Ten Hag and the possible appointment of Mauricio Pochettino, fans and pundits alike are divided. In a recent episode of the United Stand Podcast, Mark Goldbridge and other contributors delved into this pressing issue, providing insights and opinions that reflect the broader sentiments of the fanbase.

Ten Hag’s Uncertain Future

Mark Goldbridge opened the discussion by addressing the financial implications of sacking Ten Hag. “Manchester United face a huge fee for Eric ten Hag if they decide to sack him,” he stated, highlighting the reported compensation of nearly £10 million. This significant payout has undoubtedly added complexity to the decision-making process.

The uncertainty surrounding Ten Hag’s future has been compounded by rumours of Pochettino’s potential arrival. Goldbridge questioned the logic behind this move, stating, “Two years ago, most people wanted Ten Hag over Pochettino. What’s changed in two years?” This sentiment reflects a broader scepticism about Pochettino’s suitability, especially considering his recent managerial stints.

Pochettino: A Viable Replacement?

The podcast delved into Pochettino’s track record, with Goldbridge pointing out, “Pochettino isn’t the only manager on the market. You can’t just go, ‘Well, it didn’t work with Ten Hag, let’s go for second choice.'” This statement underscores the need for a well-thought-out strategy rather than a knee-jerk reaction to current challenges.

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Goldbridge and his co-hosts also discussed Pochettino’s previous managerial roles and his potential fit for Manchester United. They noted that while Pochettino has been sacked by PSG and Chelsea in the past two years, Ten Hag has won two trophies. This comparison raises questions about whether Pochettino is an upgrade or merely a lateral move.

The Financial and Strategic Implications

One of the key points raised during the podcast was the financial burden associated with sacking Ten Hag and hiring Pochettino. Goldbridge elaborated, “You’re talking somewhere between £10 and £15 million to sack Ten Hag and bring Pochettino in with his people.” This significant expenditure could impact the club’s ability to invest in the squad and other essential areas.

Furthermore, the podcast highlighted the strategic implications of such a managerial change. Goldbridge expressed a desire to see the completion of Ten Hag’s project, emphasizing, “I genuinely will be gutted if we don’t do year three of the project because I think there’s more than enough potential from the first two years.” This sentiment was echoed by many fans who believe in Ten Hag’s long-term vision for the club.


As Manchester United navigates this critical juncture, the insights from the United Stand Podcast provide a snapshot of the broader debate among fans and pundits. The decision to retain Ten Hag or replace him with Pochettino is not just about managerial preference; it involves financial, strategic, and emotional considerations.

Ultimately, the club must carefully weigh these factors to make a decision that aligns with their long-term goals. As Goldbridge aptly put it, “If you’re going to sack Ten Hag, you better bring a guy in that gets top four and wins a trophy and plays better football because otherwise, why?” This question remains at the heart of the ongoing debate and will continue to shape the discussions in the weeks to come.

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