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Mark Goldbridge Reacts to Man United’s Two Latest Transfer Targets

Guehi and Zirkzee Transfer Talk: Insights from The United Stand Podcast

Manchester United’s Summer Transfer Targets: Guehi and Zirkzee

In a recent episode of The United Stand Podcast, Mark Goldbridge, the renowned host, delved deep into the latest transfer news concerning Manchester United. The discussion primarily revolved around two emerging talents: Marc Guehi from Crystal Palace and Joshua Zirkzee. Both players have been subjects of intense speculation, with fans eagerly anticipating potential moves to Old Trafford.

The Guehi Dilemma: High Valuation and Impressive Form

Goldbridge highlighted the complexities surrounding a potential transfer for Marc Guehi. “I’ve been saying to you for quite a while now that Guehi is a player that has featured high on United’s scouting list for a very long time,” he noted, emphasizing United’s long-standing interest in the Crystal Palace defender. However, the conversation took a realistic turn when he acknowledged the inflated valuation post-Euro performances. “Crystal Palace will be rubbing their hands together… they’ve slapped a 65 million pound value on him,” Goldbridge stated, reflecting the steep price tag which could deter United’s interest.

The conversation took a deeper dive into the implications of Guehi’s valuation, with Goldbridge remarking on the broader context of international performances affecting player prices. “International football is a bubble… yet it seems to add 20 million pounds onto a player,” he said, questioning the rationale behind such spikes.


Zirkzee: The Hype and the Reality

Moving on to Joshua Zirkzee, the podcast shed light on the forward’s situation. Goldbridge was candid about the hurdles United might face in securing his signature. “Zirkzee may be out of reach for Ten Hag,” he remarked, citing reports and insider information. The United Stand host didn’t shy away from discussing the hype versus reality of such transfers, adding depth to the conversation about potential signings.


Swap Deals and Strategic Moves

The concept of swap deals was another intriguing topic covered in the episode. Goldbridge discussed a potential swap involving Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Guehi, although he was sceptical about its feasibility. “I don’t think swap deals are going to happen,” he commented, despite acknowledging the mutual interest from both clubs. This highlights the intricate nature of transfer negotiations, where straightforward swaps are often more complicated than they appear.

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Strategic Depth and Alternative Targets

Throughout the podcast, Goldbridge emphasized the need for strategic depth in United’s approach to transfers. He noted the importance of having alternative targets if primary deals fall through. Discussing the potential of walking away from certain deals, he said, “We should walk away from deals when they’re not good deals… because we’ve had our fingers burnt so many times.” This reflects a more measured approach, advocating for prudent decision-making rather than desperation buys.

Fan Reactions and Community Engagement

The podcast also showcased the engagement with the United Stand community, with fans contributing their thoughts and questions. One such interaction included a poll on Johnny Evans’ new contract, where Goldbridge acknowledged, “70% of you are happy with Johnny Evans.” This segment illustrated the podcast’s dynamic nature, blending expert insights with fan opinions, creating a comprehensive discussion platform.


The episode of The United Stand Podcast provided a thorough analysis of Manchester United’s transfer prospects, focusing on key players like Marc Guehi and Joshua Zirkzee. Through direct quotes and in-depth discussions, Mark Goldbridge and his team offered valuable insights into the club’s strategic considerations, potential hurdles, and the broader context of the transfer market. As the summer window progresses, fans will be keenly watching to see how these discussions translate into actual signings, shaping the future of Manchester United.

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