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Graeme Souness Makes Trent Alexander-Arnold Claim After England Controversy

Souness Critiques Arnold’s Midfield Role for England

England’s Midfield Struggles Highlighted by Souness

In a recent episode of TalkSport’s “Outspoken with White & Jordan,” Graeme Souness provided a critical analysis of England’s performance and the suitability of Trent Alexander-Arnold in the midfield. Joined by hosts Jim White and Simon Jordan, Souness dissected the game, questioning the strategic choices and player roles, particularly focusing on Alexander-Arnold’s contribution.

Concerns Over Arnold’s Positioning

Souness was forthright in his evaluation of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s role in midfield. He remarked, “I’m not sure if the midfield of Trent really worked last night. He didn’t get the chance to show his quality or just didn’t do it.” This comment reflects a broader scepticism about Alexander-Arnold’s effectiveness in a midfield position, a role that diverges from his usual position at right-back where he has thrived for Liverpool.

England’s Tactical Shortcomings

The discussion also touched on England’s overall tactical approach. Souness observed, “I didn’t see cute, clever game management from England’s midfield. You’re one up, and that’s when your midfield should be lending the ball out, getting it back, and making the opposition run around.” This critique underscores a perceived lack of strategic depth and adaptability within England’s midfield, highlighting the necessity for more sophisticated game management.

Energy and Mentality Issues

Addressing the team’s performance, Souness dismissed the notion that physical fitness was an issue. “These are finely tuned athletes. They would have been bang on it last night,” he stated, emphasizing that the problem lay more with mentality and approach rather than physical readiness. He added, “I think it was a mental issue where they go one nil up and think subconsciously we don’t need to get another goal. That’s not what this England team should be about.”

The Role of Midfield in Winning Matches

Simon Jordan supported Souness’s views on the importance of a robust midfield, stating, “If you want to see a team making a statement, look at the Germans. England’s midfield needs to be more dominant and proactive.” This sentiment was echoed by Souness, who insisted that midfielders should lead by example in maintaining pressure and controlling the game’s tempo. “I didn’t see an England midfield that really stood up to the physical challenge,” he lamented, pointing out the necessity for a more assertive midfield presence.


The analysis provided by Graeme Souness on TalkSport’s “Outspoken with White & Jordan” offers a sobering look at England’s current midfield dynamics and the suitability of Trent Alexander-Arnold in this role. With pointed critiques and insightful observations, Souness, along with Jim White and Simon Jordan, highlighted the critical areas where England needs to improve. As the team prepares for future challenges, these discussions will be crucial in shaping their strategies and player roles to ensure better performances on the international stage.

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