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Ipswich’s Premier League Challenge: Two Footed Podcast Analysis

Ipswich Town’s Return to the Premier League: A Deep Dive

Ipswich Town’s Premier League Return: A Promising Start

Ipswich Town is back in the Premier League, and their return couldn’t be more exciting for fans and football enthusiasts alike. The Two Footed Podcast, hosted by Dave Hendrick, delves deep into Ipswich’s journey and what lies ahead for the club in the upcoming Premier League season. Here’s a comprehensive look at their remarkable ascent and the challenges they face.

Kieran McKenna’s Masterclass

Kieran McKenna, Ipswich’s manager, has been instrumental in the club’s success. After securing promotion from League One, McKenna led Ipswich to an impressive Championship campaign. “Kieran McKenna did a remarkable job in his first full season,” Hendrick emphasises. McKenna’s tactical acumen and ability to get the best out of his players have been pivotal.

McKenna’s approach is grounded in hard work and meticulous planning.

“Ipswich play good football and they work really, really hard,”

says Hendrick. This ethos will be crucial as they face tougher competition in the Premier League.

Tough Fixtures Ahead

The Premier League fixtures have not been kind to Ipswich, with a challenging start against Liverpool at home and Manchester City away. Hendrick points out, “The newly promoted teams have been given tough runs to start the year, especially Ipswich.” Despite the tough start, there’s optimism that Ipswich can compete. Their resilience and fighting spirit will be tested, but McKenna’s tactical nous could help them navigate these early hurdles.

Key Players to Watch

Ipswich has several standout players who will be key to their Premier League campaign. George Hurst, who had a significant impact during their League One promotion campaign, is one to watch. Hendrick notes, “George Hurst is now 25 and he’s a good player in his own right.” Despite missing a chunk of the last season due to injury, Hurst’s return will be vital.

Another player to keep an eye on is Luke Wolfenden, a product of Ipswich’s academy. “Luke Wolfenden has really made one of the positions his own,” says Hendrick. His stability at the back will be crucial in maintaining a solid defence.

Transfer Market Strategy

Ipswich’s approach to the transfer market will be crucial in ensuring they have the squad depth needed to compete. Hendrick suggests, “They might take the Luton approach and buy really good Championship players.” This strategy would allow Ipswich to build a robust squad capable of holding its own in the Premier League while preparing for any potential setbacks.

McKenna’s ability to attract and integrate new talent will be tested. “Ipswich might try and come up with a lot of the same group, similar to what Sheffield United did,” Hendrick observes. Retaining the core of the team that secured promotion while adding key reinforcements could be the formula for success.

A Solid Foundation

Ipswich’s success has been built on a solid foundation of teamwork and consistency. “They have a very strong mindset, a team that just didn’t really know when they were beaten,” Hendrick states. This resilience will be essential as they face some of the best teams in the world.

Ipswich’s defensive record in the Championship was commendable, and while they will face stiffer competition, maintaining that solidity will be crucial. “Ipswich conceded 57 goals, which was the seventh-best defense in the league,” Hendrick highlights. Strengthening their defense further will be key to their survival in the Premier League.


Ipswich Town’s return to the Premier League is a story of resilience, tactical brilliance, and a well-executed plan. With Kieran McKenna at the helm and a squad brimming with potential, Ipswich is poised to make a mark in the top flight. As Dave Hendrick aptly sums up, “Kieran McKenna is the real star; he’s their most valuable asset.”

With challenging fixtures ahead and a need to bolster their squad, Ipswich’s journey will be anything but easy. However, their determination and strategic approach could see them defy the odds and establish themselves as a Premier League mainstay.

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