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Footballing Icon Thinks This MLS Team Would WIN the Premier League

Lionel Messi: The Unstoppable Force in South American Football

Messi Crowned the Greatest: A South American Perspective

A recent survey conducted by Stake.com, in collaboration with the market research firm Censuswide, has made it official: Lionel Messi stands at the pinnacle of South American football lore. With more than 1,000 football aficionados casting their votes, Messi emerged as the preeminent figure, securing a commanding 36% of the vote. This placed him ahead of other luminaries such as Pelé, Ronaldinho, and Diego Maradona, affirming his status not just as a player of the moment, but a timeless icon of the sport.

The survey results underscore a remarkable acknowledgment of Messi’s unparalleled skills and impact on the game, which has resonated deeply across continents but seems to hold a particular reverence in his home region. Pelé, a figure often considered the epitome of football excellence, trailed behind with 27%, while Ronaldinho gathered a respectable 13%, showcasing the rich tapestry of talent that South America has produced.

Aguero’s Bold Claim: Messi’s Impact on the Premier League

Amid the festivities of the upcoming Copa America in North America, Sergio Aguero, Messi’s close friend and former teammate, made a bold assertion about Messi’s potential impact on the English Premier League. According to Aguero, the addition of Messi could propel Inter Miami, a club currently competing in Major League Soccer, to Premier League glory should they ever join the fray. “I think they would win the league. They have Messi that is the GOAT, and with him, even winning the Premier is possible,” Aguero stated.


This statement not only highlights Messi’s extraordinary abilities but also ignites a conversation about the theoretical scenarios in which his talents could be further tested and displayed. The idea of Messi competing in one of the world’s toughest leagues adds an intriguing layer to his already illustrious career.

Symbolism of Aguero’s Welcome

In a theatrical gesture of respect and camaraderie, Aguero welcomed Messi and the Argentine squad to Miami with a herd of goats, a nod to Messi’s widely accepted status as the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT). This event, paired with the slogan “The GOATs Have Arrived,” set a competitive and celebratory tone for the Copa America, positioning Argentina as a formidable contender, backed by the greatest player to ever grace the field according to many South American fans.

Analysing the Vote: A Closer Look at the Numbers

The detailed breakdown of the voting sheds light on the current perceptions in South American football. Messi’s lead is significant, illustrating his broad appeal and the respect he commands among fans. Notably, other legends like Maradona and Ronaldo also featured in the list, demonstrating the depth of talent from the continent. Maradona, with 12%, and Ronaldo, with a modest 5%, reflect a spectrum of eras and styles that have shaped the game.

Messi’s Aura and the Future

As Messi continues to define his legacy, his influence stretches beyond the pitch. Aguero’s comments about Messi’s potential in the Premier League underscore the high regard in which he is held, not just among fans but also his peers. Whether or not Inter Miami could realistically challenge for top honours in the Premier League remains a subject for debate, yet the mere contemplation of such a scenario highlights Messi’s enduring impact on the sport.

As the Copa America unfolds, Messi’s role will be scrutinized not just by his compatriots but by the global football community, eager to witness further chapters in the career of a player who has already transcended the boundaries of greatness.

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