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Ally McCoist: How Scotland Can Turn Their Euro 2024 Around

Can Scotland Revive Their Euro 2024 Campaign? Ally McCoist Weighs In

Scotland’s Tactical Adjustments for Switzerland Clash

Ex-Scotland striker Ally McCoist has offered a detailed analysis of how Scotland can revive their Euro 2024 campaign following their opening defeat to Germany. Speaking to talkSPORT BET, McCoist shared his insights on what changes Steve Clarke’s side needs to make to secure a result against Switzerland tonight. McCoist’s primary suggestion is for Scotland to adopt a more expansive approach in midfield and a higher defensive line.

“I think Scotland will get something tonight against Switzerland, which they have to do,” McCoist said. “I think they’ll be fine. If you offered me a 1-1 right now, I’d take it. I can see it being 1-1.”

McCoist’s confidence in a potential draw is rooted in tactical adjustments. He believes Scotland needs to defend higher up the pitch and play with more width compared to their strategy against Germany. He highlighted the need for the midfield to spread out more to exploit the flanks effectively.

“But against Switzerland, Scotland need to defend higher up the pitch and play with more width than they did against Germany. The midfield four were a really tight unit defensively when they got the ball against Germany, I understand that, but they have to find some more width from somewhere tonight. I can see James Forrest coming into the side to help with that.”

The Importance of a Higher Defensive Line

One of McCoist’s key points is the necessity of a higher defensive line. He argues that this approach will help close the gaps between the defence and midfield, making it easier for the midfielders to support both defensive and offensive plays.

“I’d play a higher defensive line, and in doing that I’d close the gaps between the defence and the midfield. Yes, you’re susceptible to a ball over the top, but the defenders are going to have to take responsibility. That should make the midfield’s job easier to defend, they don’t have to get back so far and worry about space in front of the defence, and it should make the midfield’s job easier to support the front man too.”

This tactical shift is crucial for Scotland to balance their defensive solidity with offensive support, a strategy McCoist believes will be vital against a well-organised Swiss team.

Steve Clarke’s Position Amidst Euro 2024 Challenges

Despite the pressure of Euro 2024, McCoist remains steadfast in his support for Steve Clarke, emphasizing the manager’s achievements in revitalising Scotland’s international fortunes. He insists that Clarke’s position should not be under threat, even if Scotland fails to advance past the group stage.

“Steve Clarke’s job will be fine if he loses all three Euros games, and so it should be,” McCoist stated. “It was a disappointing result against Germany on Friday, but he’s got us to two European Championships in a row. Scotland hadn’t qualified for a major tournament since 1998 before that!”

McCoist acknowledges the disappointment of the Germany defeat but urges a realistic approach in evaluating Clarke’s tenure. He stresses that Clarke’s leadership has brought Scotland to two consecutive European Championships, a feat that warrants continued support and patience from fans.

“As disappointing as Friday was, and it was really poor and in many ways unacceptable, we have to stand back and have a realistic approach to it and say, ‘he’s got Scotland to two major finals, everybody calm down and we’ll go again’. But I think Scotland will be fine, I think they can get something against Switzerland tonight.”

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