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William Gallas: How Deschamps Molded Saliba for Greatness

Didier Deschamps’ Masterful Management of William Saliba: A Masterclass in Player Development

William Gallas recently praised France manager Didier Deschamps’ handling of William Saliba, in an interview with Prime Casino, highlighting Deschamps’ clever and patient approach to integrating the Arsenal central defender into the national team. This blog delves into Gallas’ insights and explores why Deschamps’ strategy is a masterclass in player management.

Easing Saliba into the Team

Saliba, a linchpin in Arsenal’s defence who played every Premier League game last season, hasn’t always had the easiest relationship with Deschamps. According to Gallas, Deschamps’ approach has been instrumental in Saliba’s development. “Deschamps has been very clever with his management of William Saliba. He resisted the urge to put him into the team straight away and has eased him into the team,” Gallas noted.

Deschamps has given Saliba time to grow, avoiding the temptation to rush him into high-stakes matches prematurely. This method has allowed Saliba to learn from his mistakes in less critical friendly games. Gallas praised this strategy, saying, “He’s taken his time, given him some tough love, and now he is ready to start for France.”

Building Trust and Understanding

One of the key aspects of Deschamps’ strategy is the differentiation between club and international play. Gallas highlighted this, noting that Deschamps wanted Saliba to grasp the unique pressures and competition at the international level. “I think that Deschamps wanted Saliba to understand there is a difference between playing well for your club and playing well for your country. At Arsenal, he doesn’t have the same competition as he does with the national team,” Gallas explained.

This gradual earning of Deschamps’ trust has not only solidified Saliba’s position but also prepared him mentally for the rigours of international football. “Deschamps has been thinking about his central defensive partnership. I think he always knew that Saliba was going to be his main man at this tournament, and it was more a case of waiting to see which player he would pick to play alongside him,” Gallas added.

Saliba’s Potential to Shine

Gallas is confident that Saliba’s consistent performances for Arsenal will translate to the international stage, predicting a bright future for the young defender. “This tournament is William Saliba’s first major international tournament as a starting player. It is a massive test and a massive opportunity for him,” Gallas stated.

The stakes are high for Saliba, who now has the chance to secure his spot in the French national team for years to come. “When you’re given the opportunity to start for a nation like France, where you could cement your place in the team for the next ten years if you play at your level, you have to take it,” Gallas emphasised.

Rising to the Challenge

The pressure on Saliba is immense, but it is a challenge that Gallas believes he is ready to meet. “He needs to perform like he has done for Arsenal all season to keep his place in the starting eleven,” Gallas advised. The key to Saliba’s success will be maintaining his club form under the different, more intense pressures of international competition.

Gallas concluded with a hopeful note, saying, “This is a different type of pressure for him to deal with. He has to be ready for it. I hope he rises to the challenge and takes the opportunity that is in front of him.”

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