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Teddy Sheringham: Tottenham Needs a True Striker

Teddy Sheringham’s Strategic Insight: Why Tottenham Needs Ivan Toney and Eberechi Eze

In a recent interview with Poker Sites, former Tottenham striker Teddy Sheringham offered some insightful opinions on the current state of his old club, Tottenham Hotspur. Sheringham’s perspective on the need for a proper striker and the prioritisation of Eberechi Eze over Conor Gallagher sheds light on strategic moves Spurs could make to enhance their squad.

The Urgent Need for a Centre-Forward

Teddy Sheringham was unequivocal about Tottenham’s pressing need for a traditional centre-forward. “Tottenham need a centre-forward,” he stated. This is a sentiment many Spurs fans echo, especially given the departure of Harry Kane and the current reliance on Heung-min Son. Sheringham elaborated on Son’s role, emphasising that “Heung-min Son is not a proper striker, he’s a man who plays off a striker like he used to do with Harry Kane. James Maddison needs a focal point to play off as well.”

Sheringham’s analysis underscores a fundamental issue in Spurs’ current setup. Without a true number nine, Tottenham lacks the necessary focal point in attack, which affects the overall dynamic and effectiveness of their offensive play. The former England international pointed to Ivan Toney as a potential solution, saying, “I think Ivan Toney would be a good fit for Tottenham – he could probably go to any of Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham. I’d like to see Spurs get him, because he’s got the leadership qualities of a number nine that would be very important for any of those teams.”

The Leadership of Ivan Toney

Sheringham’s endorsement of Ivan Toney is not without merit. Toney has proven his capabilities at Brentford, consistently troubling defenders and leading the line with authority. “He leads the line so well for Brentford and always troubles his marker,” Sheringham noted. This leadership and ability to unsettle opposition defences could be precisely what Tottenham needs to rejuvenate their attacking threat.

Eze Over Gallagher: A Strategic Choice

Sheringham also weighed in on Tottenham’s links with England duo Conor Gallagher and Eberechi Eze. His preference leaned towards Eze, particularly in the context of Ange Postecoglou’s style of play. “I probably prefer Eberechi Eze over Conor Gallagher for Spurs,” he commented, highlighting the necessity of having players who can break down defences.

“Having more players capable of breaking down a defence is crucial, especially considering the style Ange Postecoglou aims for. He values players who can control the ball and create opportunities, so I would lean towards Eze, even though I also appreciate Conor Gallagher.”

The Creative Potential of Eze

Eberechi Eze’s creative flair and ability to unlock tight defences align well with Postecoglou’s tactical vision. Eze’s skill set would provide Tottenham with a valuable asset in matches where breaking down stubborn defences is essential. Sheringham’s insight into Eze’s suitability for Tottenham is grounded in a clear understanding of the club’s current tactical needs and long-term goals.

The Industrious Gallagher

While Eze might be Sheringham’s preferred choice, he also acknowledged Conor Gallagher’s potential contributions. “Gallagher, while different from Eze, brings a hardworking and industrious approach to making things happen, and I’d be pleased to see him join Tottenham as well,” Sheringham said. Gallagher’s work ethic and energy would undoubtedly add depth to the squad, offering another dimension to Tottenham’s midfield.

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