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Revealed: The Reason Behind Chelsea’s Failed Move for £60m Premier League Star

Chelsea’s Missed Opportunity with Michael Olise: A Transfer Tale

Chelsea’s approach to transfers has seen a mix of ambitious pursuits and controversial negotiations. Recent revelations about their attempt to sign Michael Olise, a promising winger from Crystal Palace, have highlighted a significant pattern of negotiation failures that might be starting to cost them dearly in the football market.

Michael Olise, once a strong target for Chelsea, is now likely to join Bayern Munich in a move exceeding €60 million, a scenario that underscores the ramifications of Chelsea’s past dealings. Duncan Castles, a well-respected football transfer news expert, shed light on this in the Transfers Podcast. Castles shared, “We should also note that the sporting directors at Chelsea, 18 months ago, went to Benfica to sign Enzo Fernandez. They told Benfica that they would match the release clause for Enzo Fernandez in initial informal conversations with them.”

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However, the negotiations didn’t go as planned. “They convinced the player by offering him a huge salary increase over Benfica to the point where he agitated for the move. And then they came back to Benfica and offered, I forget the exact number, but it was €20-30m less than the release clause,” Castles revealed. This tactic evidently left a bad taste, as noted by Rui Costa, the president of Benfica, who was infuriated by the move.

Repercussions in the Market

The consequences of such negotiation tactics are significant. Castles speculated that Steve Parish, Crystal Palace’s chairman, would be wary of Chelsea’s approach in future dealings. “I would suspect – and it’s just my suspicion – that Parish will be paying attention exactly to the phrasing of what Chelsea are doing because people in the market have noted what Chelsea have done in other circumstances and noted that what they did with Fernandes in terms of a verbal agreement was reneged on down the line,” Castles added.


Chelsea’s reputation in the transfer market is becoming one of uncertainty and unreliability. This perception could hinder their ability to secure deals, especially with top talents like Olise, whose Estimated Transfer Value (ETV) stands at €41.6 million and who has a contract set to expire in 2027.

Impact of Missed Transfers

Missing out on a player of Olise’s calibre could have a domino effect on Chelsea’s strategic planning and performance. The winger’s potential move to Bayern Munich not only highlights Chelsea’s failed negotiation but also showcases the player’s worth and the competitive nature of top European clubs in securing young talents.

Looking Ahead: Chelsea’s Transfer Strategy

For Chelsea, the way forward involves reassessing their negotiation tactics and perhaps instilling a greater sense of trust and integrity in their dealings. This could mean being more upfront in negotiations or perhaps re-evaluating the roles of those at the negotiating table. The club might need to adopt a more transparent approach if they wish to avoid similar pitfalls in the future and successfully compete on the transfer market.

In conclusion, Chelsea’s approach to Michael Olise’s transfer highlights a broader issue within their strategic negotiations. As they move forward, the club must address these challenges to improve their reputation and effectiveness in the transfer market. Credit to Football Transfers for shedding light on this significant aspect of football’s behind-the-scenes dynamics.

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