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Report: Arsenal and Chelsea ‘Working on Deal’ for €47m EURO 2024 Star

Arsenal’s Bold Move for Calafiori: A Potential Game-Changer

Arsenal’s Striking Offer

In a significant move that has set tongues wagging across Europe, Arsenal has tabled a generous €47 million bid for Bologna’s standout defender, Riccardo Calafiori. This development, first reported by Corriere dello Sport, highlights the Premier League’s growing fascination with Bologna’s talent pool. Despite the hefty offer, Bologna’s brass is holding out for more, a testament to Calafiori’s skyrocketing stock after his Champions League exploits and his debut in the national squad during the Euros in Germany.

London Rivals in the Hunt

The plot thickens with Chelsea entering the fray, ready to up the ante to €50 million, potentially escalating a bidding war. This move underscores the premium on young defensive talents in a market buoyed by substantial English financial clout. The battle for Calafiori is not just a transfer saga but a statement of intent from both London clubs, each eager to reinforce their backline with top-tier talent.

Strategic Implications for Bologna

Bologna finds itself in a lucrative but challenging position. A sale of Calafiori could funnel significant funds back into the club, 40% of which would be owed to Basel due to a previous agreement. This scenario is reminiscent of Bologna’s smart business dealings, much like when they secured Tomiyasu’s move to Arsenal back in 2021 for a tidy sum of €20 million plus bonuses.


The club’s management, particularly Giovanni Sartori, who was recently quoted at a market inauguration event in Rimini, is walking a tightrope. They balance the desire to retain their core squad, as mandated by the president, against the allure of substantial offers. “At this moment, we will try to keep him. If significant requests come in, we will have to consider them. I’m not saying we will give him away because the president has expressed a desire to keep the entire team, but certainly, some evaluations will be made,” Sartori stated.

What’s Next for Calafiori?

As the transfer window heats up, Calafiori’s future remains a hot topic. His recent return to Italy post-Euros and his openness to staying at Bologna add layers to an already complex narrative. However, in the ever-fluid world of football transfers, his stay could hinge on the next big offer from either Arsenal or Chelsea.

Arsenal’s interest is not just a mere financial gamble but a strategic one, aiming to bolster their defensive line with a proven young talent who has already shone on the continental stage. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s involvement adds a competitive edge to the proceedings, ensuring that the saga of Calafiori will be one of the summer’s most closely watched stories.

In conclusion, Arsenal’s pursuit of Calafiori is more than just a transfer—it’s a statement about the value of emerging talents and the lengths clubs are willing to go to secure their services. As the Premier League continues to attract and invest in top-tier talent from across Europe, the ripple effects are felt far and wide, reshaping careers and clubs in the process.

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