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William Gallas: Why England Will Struggle Against Switzerland

England’s Lucky Result: A Mixed Blessing

England’s recent fortunate outcome in their latest match may have provided a temporary morale boost, but according to William Gallas in an interview with Lord Ping, it could be masking deeper issues within the team. As Gallas pointed out, the squad’s upcoming clash with Switzerland will be their toughest challenge yet. Let’s delve into Gallas’s insights and what they mean for England’s future in the tournament.

Switzerland: England’s Sternest Test

Gallas highlighted the stark contrast between England’s performances and what they should be capable of, given the talent in their squad. “Switzerland will be by far the best team England have played so far and it will be really hard because they are so disciplined and know exactly what they have to do to win,” he noted. This assessment underscores the formidable discipline and compactness of the Swiss team, qualities that have so far eluded England in their campaign.

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From the very start of the tournament, Gallas has been unimpressed with England’s display, noting, “Since the tournament started, England have shown us nothing in all honesty. Especially when you consider the players they have.” This criticism points to a potential underachievement that could become a critical vulnerability against a well-drilled Swiss side.

Predicting a Swiss Victory

Looking ahead, Gallas forecasts a challenging match for England. “I can see this being a tight game but I don’t see extra-time, I think Switzerland are going to win inside 90 minutes,” he stated. His prediction of a 2-0 win for Switzerland is rooted in the Swiss team’s compact and disciplined style. “If Switzerland score the first goal it will be difficult for England because they’ll have to push, Italy did that and Switzerland went on to win 2-0. That could happen again.”

This potential scenario reveals a strategic conundrum for England. If they find themselves trailing, their inability to shift gears and elevate their game could prove costly. Gallas’s insight brings to light a tactical rigidity that may be England’s undoing.

Managerial Change: A Necessity?

Gallas did not shy away from critiquing Gareth Southgate’s management. “England would have performed better if Gareth Southgate wasn’t the manager,” he remarked. Gallas believes that a world-class manager like Pep Guardiola could be the key to unlocking England’s potential. “When you have these types of players who have so much quality, you have to give them the freedom to play. I think Pep Guardiola would be the perfect manager to win the World Cup with England.”


Such a managerial change could bring the much-needed tactical flexibility and creative freedom that England’s star-studded roster requires. The mention of other top-tier managers like Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti also suggests a shift towards a more dynamic and strategic approach that could benefit England in the long run.

The Untapped Potential of Young Talent

One of Gallas’s more poignant critiques is Southgate’s reluctance to fully utilise young talents like Cole Palmer. “Cole Palmer was the best player for Chelsea last season…I do think Gareth Southgate has made a mistake in not giving him more minutes.” This conservative approach could be stifling the growth and contribution of emerging stars who have shown they can perform on big stages.

Similarly, Jude Bellingham is another player Gallas believes could shine under different circumstances. “He’s one of the main players who can help England to win games…it will be very hard but I hope we see England in the final against France because that is a moment in which he will show what he can really do.”

Conclusion: A Path Forward

Gallas’s analysis paints a picture of a talented England team that is yet to find its rhythm and true potential. The upcoming match against Switzerland will be a crucial test, not just of their skills but of their ability to adapt and overcome tactical challenges. Whether Southgate can inspire his team to rise above their current level remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: changes, whether in strategy or management, may be necessary for England to truly compete on the world stage.

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